SAS® In-Database Decision Management for Teradata Advantage Program

We all make decisions every day both tactical and strategic. With the presence of big data, are we making the right or the best decisions possible as data volume, velocity and variety continue to grow? Big data presents opportunities but also enormous challenges to capture, integrate and analyze. As businesses become more targeted, personalized and public, it is imperative to make precise data-driven decisions for regulatory compliance and risk management. We are delivering a robust solution to help you consistently make the right decisions, every time - to gain competitive advantage and improve performance, economics and governance within your organization.

Features & Benefits


  • Be more responsive, proactive and reliant on data-driven operational decisions for new opportunities.
  • Improve performance and minimize time previously spent moving or duplicating data and code between systems.
  • Increase security and compliance with data in one integrated, highly governed environment.
  • Manage the seamless movement of data throughout the enterprise with Teradata Unified Data Architecture.™
  • Minimize costs by benefiting from one technology instead of piecemeal tools.


  • Streamline and automate the analytic decision lifecycle for data-driven decisions.
  • Perform decision calculations in a scalable, high-performance platform.
  • Faster time to decisions to gain competitive advantage with data-driven decisions. 

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Teradata and SAS Address the Challenges of Advanced Business Analytics

A discussion with Teradata and SAS about the top challenges facing today’s business leaders trying to leverage advanced business analytics.

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