General Dynamics Information Technology

Managing health data, fighting healthcare fraud and improving care quality are what the health team at General Dynamics Information Technology (IT) does. Applying expertise gained by supporting some of the largest health programs, we create solutions that deliver better outcomes.

Since 2007, General Dynamics IT and Teradata have partnered to play a pivotal role in major initiatives with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). With access to Teradata’s technology, our solutions incorporate a thorough knowledge of the healthcare data life cycle, from beneficiary enrollment to provider reimbursement and program integrity through fraud, waste and abuse monitoring. Providing highly skilled health experts focused on the latest technologies and healthcare initiatives, we develop and maintain many of today’s CMS data warehouse systems with Teradata’s technology.

General Dynamics Information Technology

Benefits of Partnership

Providing analysts, programmers and database administrators with the technology for collecting, warehousing, and analyzing very large volumes of disparate healthcare data is essential to our customers. The General Dynamics IT partnership with Teradata offers a comprehensive and flexible resource for addressing today’s most important national healthcare priorities. From training and business development to hosting, design and administration; General Dynamics IT and Teradata work together to transform healthcare data into secure and actionable information. Through our relationship with Teradata, we consolidated the Medicare national database for fraud detection and provided high-speed data access and analytical reporting to the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit program.  No matter how complex the environment, our experience and healthcare knowledge have made us experts at meeting customer requirements.


Comprehensive Case Management: Manage workload/caseload throughout the life cycle with advanced workflow features and reporting capabilities.

Quick Facts

VersionTeradata Version(s)
2012TD 14.0

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