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Fuzzy Logix brings high-powered analytics and machine learning to big data through in-database analytics.  We are a leading predictive analytics software and services company.  Our solutions enable companies to embed in-database analytics directly into their business processes, enterprise applications, devices and web services.  By directly integrating analytics into areas where data resides, Fuzzy Logix enables enormous processing efficiencies and dramatically reduces the cycle time for analytics.

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Benefits of Partnership

Fuzzy Logix partnership brings together the big data managed by Teradata customers and the high-powered analytics.  Contrary to traditional approaches, there is no data movement in order to run the analytics.  This brings huge advantages in terms of time, computing resources and simplicity.

DB Lytix(TM) on Teradata

The DB Lytix Analytics Suite on Teradata provides a broad coverage of high-performance analytical methods that includes 700 algorithms across 16 functional categories. Through its standard SQL interface it can be easily integrated into existing applications using popular BI tools, making it accessible to a large community of users.

Quick Facts

Version Teradata Version(s)
1.4.0 TD 15.10
1.3.0 TD 15.10
1.2.0 TD 15.10
1.1.0 TD 15.0
TD 14.10
TD 14.0

Product Resources

Advanced Analytics Suite on Teradata Cloud Press Release
Press Release from Fuzzy Logix with quote from Teradata describing the Fuzzy Logix offering on the Teradata Cloud.
DB Lytix v1.0.1Press Release
Press release announcing the release of Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix v1.0.1 In-Database Analytics Suite on Teradata Data Warehouse Platforms.
Fuzzy Logix Db Lytix™ In-Database Analytics Suite On Teradata
Find out more about Fuzzy Logix Db Lytix™ In-Database Analytics Suite On Teradata.
Teradata page on Fuzzy Logix website
Describes the Teradata and Fuzzy Logix partnership and provides a variety of materials, including customer examples, product information, recent EPIC awards, etc.

DB Lytix(TM) on Teradata Aster

Fuzzy Logix's library of hundreds of Analytic Algorithms are also available on the Teradata Aster Analytics platform. They produce the same results whether running on Teradata's DBMS or Aster.

Quick Facts

Version Teradata Version(s)
1.2.0 AD 6.20.05

Product Resources

Press Release announcing availability of DB Lytix on Aster
April 19, 2016: Fuzzy Logix today announced availability of its advanced analytics suite - DB Lytix™ - on Teradata Aster Analytics. DB Lytix enables analysts and data scientists to perform predictive and advanced statistical analysis on Teradata Aster Analytics using fast and scalable in-database analytics.