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Lock Up Your Data, Not Your Access

BOHH enables secure storage and interaction with data from all databases on-premise and in the Cloud seamlessly. Our solution acts as a middleware between databases and users/applications and offers:

  • Zero reconfiguration of database structures or updating of existing apps
  • Separation of all sensitive data from the current database and never stores unencrypted data in the BOHH server or database
  • Database owners field-level access control of their data
  • Maintained SQL support and search support without key stores or plain text data
  • Elimination of admin/root access to sensitive data

Our database service access requires less memory, processing power, and management of resources for the database itself, and better control over granting access privileges and enabling data migration.

Benefits of Partnership

BOHH enables secure database access with these capabilities:
  • Maintains database structure integrity, search and SQL access
  • BOHH’s server can encrypt one field or the entire database 
  • The encrypted field/fields are never stored unencrypted 
  • No key store used, only dynamically generated keys based on several factors shared across the ecosystem. 
  • The database architecture doesn’t change, so no impact to the applications
  • Current databases can be secured and made Cloud-Ready without exporting the entire dataset
  • Connects to multiple, disparate databases and can produce a single result set
  • There's no admin/root access to sensitive data
  • Gain field-level access control of data and choose what access privileges are granted
  • No data access or flow interruption

​Secure Data as a Service

Secure Data as a Service (SDaaS) is an easy to implement service that acts as a layer between the user/application and the back-end data store and enables total security on all your stored data on premise and in the Cloud. Whether this is in a database or a document, the BOHH SDaaS enables full use of data without the security or accessibility concerns.

Product Interoperability

Version Teradata(s)
1.0.0 TD 16.20
TD 16.10
TD 15.10

About BOHH Labs

BOHH Labs is partnering with Teradata to enhance secure access to databases on-premise and in the Cloud. Our solution acts as a middleware between databases and users/applications and enables Teradata to migrate sensitive data to and from other databases and public networks without the threat of data compromise. We easily integrate with Teradata databases with zero architecture changes and offers the highest level of encryption for one field or the entire database to ensure all data stored in the database is securely encrypted, yet searchable.