Teradata Retail Data Model

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Companies are increasingly challenged to efficiently exploit their resources to rationalize and enable new business capabilities, opportunities, initiatives, applications and projects. Typically these organizations rely upon business case development and traditional project analysis techniques to help prioritize where resources will be used.   

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"The Teradata data warehouse, Retail Data Model, and data mining software give us the needed infrastructure along with a mature and tested data model and the ability to improve decision making."

Larry Popps, Director of Management Information Systems, Cabela’s , NRF Stores Magazine

Today's retailers must rapidly analyze customer purchase preferences, interpret sales trends and make informed buying decisions to remain competitive. Teradata helps you leverage your technology investment with modeling tools to plan and implement your integrated data warehouse to align your strategy with specific operational improvements and actions.

Teradata Retail Data Model provides a single, integrated view of your business that allows business and IT users to communicate about information needs and systems. Combined with the Teradata Retail Data Integration Roadmap, it shows the pieces of information required to support the Business Improvement Opportunities that challenge your business, including:

  • Enterprise business data
  • Data relationships
  • Business rules governing these data relationships
  • Retail-specific topic areas

Features & Benefits

Teradata Retail Data Model allows your enterprise to:

  • Easily define your data requirements for your organization
  • Leverage a well-documented set of data definitions and relationships, which can be customized for your environment
  • Transform from logical/physical to semantic/dimensional data model
  • Model now contains enhanced PDM components to accelerate physical implementation

Primary Components

The Teradata Retail Data Model supports analytics for key retail business process areas including:

  • Agreement terms and conditions
  • Call Center Productivity
  • Catalog Sales and Content Management 
  • Customer Value, Shopping and Product Purchase Behavior 
  • E-Tail Web Commerce and Interactions
  • Flexible Hierarchy Structure Support 
  • Forecasts and Scoring 
  • Human Capital Management
  • Item Pricing and Cost Detail 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Invoice
  • Loyalty and Gift Card Usage and Behavior 
  • Merchandise Planning and Assortment 
  • Management/Product Mix(PMIX)
  • Multiple Location Order Fulfillment Support
  • Procurement
  • Promotion Management, Marketing and Analytics 
  • Point-of-Sale Transactions and Detail 
  • RFID/Serialized Item Track and Trace 
  • Sales Tax and Free Compliance 
  • Shipment, Freight, Bill and Claims 
  • Store Labor and Operations 
  • Unstructured Text Support

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