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Developer Exchange (DevX) is a technical collaborative community that connects Teradata Associates with Customers and others interested in the related technologies. A place for sharing ideas, asking questions, learning, and solving problems related to Teradata solutions and beyond. All of the Teradata Downloads are available on our DevX site. They are also listed below.

Aster Analytics Beta
Aster Client Tools ( Windows | Linux | Solaris | AIX | Mac)
Aster Express for VMware
Aster JDBC Driver
Aster Lens
CLIv2 ( Windows | Linux | MP-RAS | Solaris | AIX | HP-UX )
DBQL Scripts
JDBC Driver
JMS Universal Connector
.NET Data Provider
ODBC Driver ( Windows | Linux | Solaris | AIX | HP-UX | Mac)
OLE DB Provider
Oracle UDFs
Teradata Express ( VMware | EC2 )
Teradata 14.10 XML Data Type
Teradata Developer Tools for Visual Studio
Teradata Geospatial Open Source/Licenses
Teradata Loom
Teradata Mapping Manager
Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse
Teradata Studio
Teradata Studio Express
Teradata Virtual Machine Community Edition
Teradata XML Services   
Teradata Wallet ( Windows | Linux | Solaris | AIX | HP-UX )
Teradata Warehouse Miner
TTU - Windows Install