Manage Your Systems Clearly with Teradata Viewpoint

Manage Your Systems Clearly with Teradata Viewpoint

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Time: 46:59

In This Web Seminar

In this web seminar, you will see how Teradata Viewpoint can provide a single source for viewing multiple systems with web-based access and self-service capabilities.

See a demonstration of this cutting-edge system management solution for Teradata, which offers the ability to construct and deploy customer-built content.

Discover how Teradata Viewpoint provides:

  • a high-level view for DBAs of their Teradata environment spanning multiple systems all in one place
  • web-based access to crucial Teradata system information
  • self-service capabilities for business users
  • extremely low TCO


Dr. Todd Papaioannou, Vice President, Architecture and Emerging Technologies, Teradata Corporation
Dr. Todd Papaioannou is the Client Software CTO for Teradata R&D and has served as the Chief Architect of Teradata Viewpoint from inception to launch. Since joining Teradata, his work has focused on Continuous Integration, Agile Development, Enterprise Fit, Service Oriented Architectures and Database Extensibility. Prior to joining Teradata, Dr. Papaioannou held various technology leadership positions in Engineering or Professional Services at Greenplum/Metapa. Dr. Papaioannou holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems. 


Brian Stecko, Product Marketing Manager, Teradata Corporation
Brian Stecko is a marketing manager at Teradata Corporation. Brian graduated with a BS in marketing from Penn State University and has worked at Teradata since 2006.


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