3M’s Business Value Revealed

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Time: 27:00

In This Web Seminar

See how 3M saved millions by using Teradata for enhanced financial management in this exclusive seminar hosted by DM Review and presented by Teradata. You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase profitability with an integrated global view of financial data
  • Find quick, accurate answers to financial questions through faster reporting
  • Gain greater insight and business value from your detailed financial data
  • Improve decision making throughout your enterprise

About the Presenters


Joseph Germ, Financial Systems Manager, 3M
Joe has six years’ experience implementing and maintaining the General Ledger Subject Area on 3M’s data warehouse. His data warehousing experience resulted in unique perspective on the potential rewards and pitfalls of putting financial data in an ADW.


Paul Boulanger, Partner, Accenture
A senior executive in the Accenture Finance and Performance Management service line, Paul provides professional services to the CFO and finance function of large enterprises. He specializes in finance-led enterprise performance management, finance function strategy, and restructuring and re-engineering of financial organizations and processes.


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