Teradata Utility Pack

Teradata Utility Pack

Your enterprise data warehouse from Teradata is a significant investment. We want to make sure you get the most out of it with a powerful starter set of tools and utilities that address your core data warehouse administration and database access needs.

The Teradata Utility Pack uses industry-standard interfaces to help integrate your Teradata system into your enterprise and streamline the data warehouse management tasks you perform every day. Use this powerful package of tools to:

  • Develop applications according to industry standards
  • Simplify data analysis and management
  • Make data available anytime, anywhere, with any query in any language
  • Leverage the vast amounts of information stored in your data warehouse

Primary Components

Teradata Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver delivers open standards-based access to the Teradata Database from many popular client applications and tools. By developing applications using the standard ODBC API, users can maximize the application portability across platforms and databases and reduce development and maintenance costs.

Teradata Call Level Interface (CLIv2) provides an API for sending SQL requests to the Teradata Database. Available on many popular platforms, Teradata CLI enables client and server applications to use the same interface to run SQL statements in the Teradata Database.

Teradata JDBC Driver provides internet and intranet access to Teradata Database via industry-standard solutions.

Basic Teradata Query (BTEQ) Language is a general-purpose, command-based tool that enables you to communicate with one or more Teradata Databases. BTEQ provides a batch or interactive interface that allows you to submit SQL statements, import and export data, and generate reports. BTEQ provides report formatting and routing options for queries. BTEQ can also be used to
import and export data between your client and database tables.

OLE DB Provider for Teradata provides open, standards-based access to Teradata Database from many applications on Windows-based clients.

.NET Data Provider for Teradata provides the capability of embedding Teradata connectivity into any application developed using the Microsoft.NET Framework.

Teradata MultiTool provides point and click interfaces to Teradata's powerful command line and console subsystem tools.  

Teradata Metadata Services
Teradata Metadata Services (MDS) is a comprehensive solution for managing metadata in data warehouse environments by enabling you to locate, consolidate, manage and navigate warehouse metadata.

Teradata SQL Assistant, a Microsoft Windows®-based SQL query tool, issues queries to any ODBC data source and stores them on your desktop. This information discovery/query tool enables you to combine the data retrieved from ODBC-based databases with desktop applications, such as Excel, to create consolidated roll-ups and reports or to analyze the merged data.

Teradata SQL Assistant/Web Edition
Compose a SQL query, submit it to the database and view results from a web browser. 

Teradata Administrator is an easy-to-use, Windows-based data dictionary management tool. It interfaces with the Teradata Database Data Dictionary to perform database administration tasks and enables you to view the hierarchy of databases and users on a Teradata system and display that information in a wide variety of useful ways. 

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Teradata Express Edition

Experience Teradata Express Edition — a free developer version of Teradata 12.0. It provides an unlimited opportunity to work with Teradata on Windows workstations and laptops for development, testing and learning.

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