Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions
  • Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions

    Approach the complexity of SAP® analytics from a different angle to provide business with powerful BI

  • Meeting your business needs

    Unlock the potential of your SAP® data

    Analyze your SAP® data and view results instantly to gain greater insight to inform business decisions and give your organization another competitive advantage.

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    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    The highly performant open environment empowers business users and facilitates self-service BI, reducing dependency on expensive long term consultancy.

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    Scalable to Meet your Business Needs

    Add modules in any order and roll-out solution by department or function with no need to worry about data volumes.

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    Gain New Value by Integrating SAP® Data

    Integrating SAP® data into your Teradata data warehouse opens new opportunities for all your users to make differentiated business decisions based on rich, cross-functional analysis.

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    Easy to Maintain & Manage

    You no longer need specialized SAP® IT skills to operate and maintain your reports. Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions simplifies the entire data extract and report building process with automated batch jobs.

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    Flexible & Extendable

    Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions industry modules can be added at anytime to provide maximum flexiblity and growth for your business needs.

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    Fast Response Times

    Leading BI and reporting tools can leverage Teradata for in-database processing for maximum performance.

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    Rapid Deployment

    Out-of-the-box modules deliver results in days rather than months. Solution includes prebuilt extract, transform, and load (ETL) data flows and integrates with leading BI software.

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    Financial & Profitability

    Financial Accounting - This module provides data from the main SAP® ledger (FI_GL) which is used for statutory reporting such as corporation tax, sales tax (VAT), balance sheet and profit and loss statements

    Profit Center Accounting - Used to augment the financial accounting data with a 'product / services'

    Cost Control - This module provides insight into costs that align with operational responsibilities of department manager and/or project leaders

    Accounts Payable - Provides a complete 'spend analytics' solution to improve management of cash

    Accounts Receivable - Offer organizations a complete customer profitability solution and improves management of incoming cash, credit control and the organization's working capital

    Assets Management - Helps organizations manage tangible assets and their depreciation

    Revenue Analysis - Provides the "right" revenue and margin insight to business users and allows them to analyze revenue data by multiple dimensions

    Purchasing Analysis - Provides information from purchase orders and supports analysis by many different dimensions. This can also be combined with the Accounts Payable module to provide a complete spend analytics solution

    CO Profitability Analysis - Loads COPA data into the Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions


    Operations, Sales & Logistics

    Sales Order Handling and Distribution - This module concentrates on sales order processing and outbound logistics by providing the foundation for analyzing the sales administration and delivery processes

    Inventory Management Analysis - Enables organizations to analyze and optimize their inventory levels

    Plant Maintenance Control - Provides technical managers with the analytic capabilities to maximize the production availability and minimize the maintenance costs for each asset

    Project Control- Designed to provide information about the costs and resources allocated to each

    Production Control - Enables detailed operational reporting capability and sophisticated trend analytics

    Human Resources & Data Quality Reporting

    Human Resource Analysis - Module supports analysis of many aspects of HR functions

    Cross Application Time Sheet Analysis - This module accesses data from SAP® ERP's time sheet system, CATS to enable analysis

    Master Data Quality Reporting – This module helps users to spot issues rapidly, assess their impact and monitor the data quality improvement process within their SAP® ERP systems master data

    Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions: NedTrain Case Study

    Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions success story with customer NedTrain, a transportation maintenance and cleaning service provider for a national railway network.

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    Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions: Lamb Weston Case Study

    Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions success story with customer Lamb Weston, a global frozen potato product producer.

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    Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions: BCC Case Study

    Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions success story with customer BCC, an electronic retail company based in the Netherlands.

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  • “We have made savings of 40% on storage costs even taking into account the new purchase.”

    Carlo Engelhard

    Finance & Control Manager, BCC



    Many organizations find accessing and making good use of their SAP® ERP business intelligence a challenge. BCC - one of the Netherlands largest and most successful electronic retailers - met this challenge with Teradata Analytics for SAP®. “The biggest surprise is that everyone is happy with the new BI system” says, Carlo Engelhard, Finance and Control Manager at BCC. He adds, “people just want to use it more!”

    BCC struggled with SAP® BW: hierarchy changes were problematic and reports took a long time to produce and were instantly out-of-date. They were also dependent on the IT department and outside expertise.

    Now, over 200 staff run and view up-to-date business intelligence reports without IT support. Users can drill down into Sales Reports, accessing figures for product ranges, makes, and models, by shop and by salesperson, all with the click of a button. Teradata Analytics for SAP® consists of predefined interfaces between your SAP® source system and data warehouse providing a flexible data BI platform which can be deployed quickly.

    In addition, with Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions, BCC is actually reducing its costs by relying less on external expertise for report generation and reducing storage costs.