Teradata Certified Professional Program

Teradata Certified Professional Program

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Teradata Certification Tracks

The Teradata 14 Certification Track is the most current release of Teradata Certification exams offered globally through authorized Prometric Testing Centers. You are encouraged to review exam objectives, program processes, security policies, and the Candidate Agreement before your exam appointment.

Teradata 14 Exam Track - Exam Objectives 

Exam# Exam Title Testing Time
TE0-141 Teradata 14 Basics exam 1 hour 30 minutes
TE0-142 Teradata 14 SQL exam 1 hour 45 minutes
TE0-143 Teradata 14 Physical Design and Implementation exam 2 hours
TE0-14B Teradata 14 Bridge from Teradata 12* 2 hours 30 minutes
TE0-144 Teradata 14 Database Administration exam 2 hours 15 minutes
TE0-145 Teradata 14 Solutions Development exam 2 hours
TE0-146 Teradata 14 Enterprise Architecture exam 1 hour 45 minutes
TE0-147 Teradata 14 Comprehensive Mastery exam** 3 hours 20 minutes

NEW! *Teradata 14 Bridge Exam This exam is designed to transition or “bridge” qualifying candidates from the Teradata 12 Certification track to the Teradata 14 Certification track. This eligibility based exam is available only to candidates that have achieved any of the following Teradata 12 Certifications: Certified Technical Specialist, Database Administrator, Solutions Developer or Enterprise Architect. The Teradata 14 Bridge exam replaces the need to retake the core Teradata Certification exams: Basics (TE0-141), SQL (TE0-142), and Physical Design and Implementation (TE0-143) once you have achieved the prerequisite Teradata 12 Certification(s). Click here for more information about eligibility requirements for the TE0-14B exam.

** Teradata 14 Mastery Exam TE0-147: Additional details and exam requirements for achieving the Teradata 14 Certified Master Certification are outlined on the Path to Teradata Mastery page.

Teradata 12 Exam Track - Exam Objectives  

PLEASE NOTE: As of March 31, 2015 all Teradata 12 Certification Exams TE0-121 through TE0-127* have been discontinued. The Teradata 12 certifications earned will continue to be supported. If you are new to the TCPP program, you will begin with the Teradata 14 Basics exam on the Teradata 14 Certification Track.  Candidates holding the relevant TD 12 Certifications can utilize the Bridge exam explained above.

 *The Japanese language versions of the Teradata 12 exams, TE0-121 through TE0-126, were discontinued on March 31, 2015.  The Japanese Language versions of the Teradata 12 Qualification Exam for V2R5 Masters (TE0-12Q) and the Comprehensive Mastery Exam (TE0-127) will remain in market until June 30, 2015.  If you have questions, email the TCPP team at certification.teradata@teradata.com or visit www.teradata.com/certification or http://jpn.teradata.jp/service/edu/edu_04.html 

Exam# Exam Title Testing Time
TE0-121 Teradata 12 Basics exam Discontinued 9-30-14
TE0-122 Teradata 12 SQL exam Discontinued 9-30-14
TE0-123 Teradata 12 Physical Design and Implementation exam Discontinued 9-30-14
TE0-124 Teradata 12 Database Administration exam Discontinued 9-30-14
TE0-125 Teradata 12 Solutions Development exam Discontinued 9-30-14
TE0-126 Teradata 12 Enterprise Architecture exam Discontinued 9-30-14
TE0-127 Teradata 12 Comprehensive Mastery exam* Discontinued 3-31-15
TE0-12Q Teradata 12 Qualifying Exam for V2R5 Masters* Discontinued 3-31-15

*Teradata 12 Mastery Exams TE0-12Q and TE0-127: Additional details and exam requirements for achieving the Teradata 12 Certified Master Certification are outlined on the Path to V2R5 Mastery Upgrade Page.

Business User Exam Track - Exam Objectives

Exam# Exam Title Testing Time
TE0-01A Teradata 12 Fundamentals exam*   1 hour 15 minutes

* Teradata 12 Fundamentals Exam TE0-01A: The Business User Certification Track is not included in the technical Teradata 12 Certification Track. 

Please Note: Testing Time shown for each exam is the amount of time allowed for answering exam questions. Testing time begins when the “Start Exam” key is pressed. Prometric will add time to your total appointment time to provide the opportunity to get seated, read the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) also known as the TCPP Candidate Agreement, respond to survey questions, and complete the tutorial before you start the exam.

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