• High Tech Manufacturing

    Creating a Digital Thread Connecting R&D, Manufacturing & the Field

    Providing resiliency, productivity & innovation for products & services to meet ever changing market demands.

  • Maximize Financial Performance Management & Supply Chain Resilience

    You need a lower-cost, agile finance architecture built to support current and future analytic needs.  By providing a best-practice path toward this simplified IT environment, Teradata Finance and Performance Management helps finance departments do more with less.
    Creating a Data-Driven Advantage in HealthcareCase Study: Global Microcontroller Manufacturer Finance and Performance Management in Action 

    Supply Chain Resiliency

    Manufacturing supply chains must prioritize flexibility and visibility if they are to adapt to a global marketplace that is evolving to be simultaneously volatile, personalized, and demanding of quality in product and service. Learn more  

    Integration of Globally Distributed Enterprises

    Supply chain globalization, outsourcing of operations, mergers and acquisitions, and strict regulatory reporting requirements are making comprehensive and timely enterprise data more critical in the Manufacturing industry. To win, you must delight your customers with on-time, on-budget delivery of quality products while managing your supplier relationships.

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    Manufacturing Performance

    Teradata Manufacturing Analytics Platform accelerates time to decision, improving operational efficiencies. Learn More


    A frequently overlooked cornerstone of any QIS system is the data warehouse.  The data warehouse must provide a scalable platform to integrate and synchronize data across multiple systems and turn raw data into actionable information at the speed of your business. Learn More 


    Personalized Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Leading manufacturers are gathering cross-channel insights that come from multiple sources—product sensors, website activity, and customer purchases—to generate 360-degree views of the customer.


    Extracting Value from Big Data

    The Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ provides manufacturing concerns with new analytic capabilities to help integrate Big data with other data from the manufacturing supply chain, from the shop floor thru field assets.

    Manufacturing Analytics

    Data and analytics will be the foundation of the factories of the future providing unimaginable levels of resiliency, productivity and innovation in products and services to meet ever changing market demands.

    Generating business insights from big data is fast and easy with the industry’s first Visual SQL-MapReduce. 

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