Hybrid Cloud

Teradata Hybrid Cloud is a mix of managed cloudpublic cloud (Amazon Web Services now and soon also Microsoft Azure), private cloud, and on-premises data warehousing and analytics resources orchestrated to deliver ease-of-use benefits such as automatic synchronization, optimized query routing, and end-to-end management across the ecosystem.

This new level of flexibility and workload portability enables organizations to quickly and seamlessly optimize their cloud and on-premises data warehouse resources to match continuously changing business requirements.


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360° View of Your Business

  • Orchestration software such as Teradata Unity and Teradata QueryGrid helps provide one detailed, consistent, and complete view of an organization’s business from multiple data sources in support of sophisticated decision-making processes.

Analytics-Based Decision-Making Support

  • Enables faster responses to changing and complex business requirements with greater speed and agility. Eliminates time required in reconciling conflicting data between individuals and teams. Read what technology research firm Gartner has to say about Hybrid Cloud deployment for Database Management Systems (DBMS).

Easy Growth Path as You Evolve

Outperforms All Other Vendor Analytics Solutions

  • Outperforms all other vendor analytics solutions and will continue to support your analytics even with a changing competitive landscape. Offers the most advanced real-time data warehousing engine with concurrency to handle up to 1000s of users at one time. Provides the greatest business value at the lowest total cost of ownership.


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Managed Cloud


Focus on creating business value rather than on managing technology infrastructure. Enjoy flexible, flat rate subscription pricing designed for any budget. Start driving smart business decisions right away – in days versus months.

Teradata Managed Cloud features the same industry-leading Teradata data warehousing and Aster Analytics software as our engineered on-premises systems and allows for:

  • Production Data Warehousing in the cloud
  • Multi-Genre Advanced Analytics
  • Test & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Marts
  • Disaster Recovery in the cloud


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Public Cloud


Combine the world’s most powerful data warehouse and Aster Analytics with the agility and flexibility of public cloud deployment for a win-win outcome.
Benefits include self-provisioning, launching quickly, pay-as-you-go, and integration with a wide variety of software tools:

  •     Rapid and easy procurement
  •     Quick proofs of concept
  •     Hourly or annual subscriptions
  •     No need to manage infrastructure

Teradata Database on AWS is sold via the AWS Marketplace, Amazon’s online store that helps business customers find, buy and immediately start using Teradata software. Amazon Web Services handles billing and payments, and software charges appear on your AWS bill.

Coming soon, Teradata Database on Azure will be sold via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Existing on-premises customers will find it just as rewarding as new-to-Teradata customers.

Aster Analytics on AWS provides easy, convenient access to multi-genre techniques enabling you to quickly explore new data and ideas with minimal cost and risk. Combine machine learning, text, path, patterns, graph and statistics within a single workflow to tackle the most challenging business problem.


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Private Cloud


Deploy Teradata Database in a private cloud quickly and easily with low cost using your organization’s in-house virtualization environment.

Develop advanced applications for both production and prototype use cases within the convenience and security of your own IT cloud infrastructure. Have confidence using the same feature-rich Teradata Database software as used in the rest of the Teradata Hybrid Cloud family.


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Built from the ground up to be mission-critical and highly responsive, Teradata’s Integrated Data Warehouses are what the world’s largest and most competitive organizations use for actionable insights and decision-based analytics.
The business benefits of our technology include:

  • House and unify different data sources to give technical and business users a consistent and comprehensive 360° view of the business
  • Combine all data in a single location for the most business intelligence, value and efficiency in cost; eliminate time required in reconciling conflicting data
  • Use with Teradata Database to enable all Data Warehouse Solutions and deliver high performance, diverse queries, in-database analytics and sophisticated workload management
  • Use with Aster Analytics to ingest, prep, and analyze data within a single interface, at speed and scale to discover previously untouched or unknown markets, identify new products ideas, discover new customer segments, and identify methods to outsmart the competition


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Consulting Services


To help customers extend the value of their existing investment and expand data warehousing and analytics into cloud environments, we have a rich set of Teradata Services to accelerate the rewards of Teradata Hybrid Cloud:

  • Architecture consulting
  • Education
  • Onboarding
  • Migration
  • Database conversion
  • Critical systems management
  • Full turnkey service delivery and ongoing management

Delivered by a team of Teradata managed, consulting and enhanced support services professionals, our Services options enable the design and delivery of high-impact data and analytic technology solutions.

Case Studies

Nine Teradata Managed Cloud customers tell their stories.

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