Demand Chain Management

Demand Chain Management

Demand Chain Management

Develop an Accurate View of Consumer Demand

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting considers both an item’s seasonality (its performance over an annual cycle) and its rate of sales (sales trend) to generate an accurate forecast at any level of the product and location hierarchy.

Promotional Forecasting

Promotions Management automatically develops a sales multiplier for promotional events and provides you with everything you need to accurately forecast your promotional merchandise requirements and sales results by individual SKU at each store location.

Intelligent Product Introduction

Intelligent Product Introduction utilizes multiple, user defined, primary and secondary attributes for these products to identify “Best Fit” candidates from product assortments to deliver an accurate forecast start.


Align inventory investment to consumer demand

Product Contribution

All too often, retailers invest up to 65% of their inventory dollars in slow moving or dying items, in SKUs that contribute just 5% to sales.  The Contribution module provides you with dynamic stratification rankings of merchandise categories and location combinations according to their importance to the success of your business so you can treat them appropriately.

Time-phased Replenishment

It is critical to provide your vendors with a time-phased purchasing forecast for both production planning and distribution. These long range forecasts help planners better prepare for future inventory needs. They also help buyers clearly see the effect on Open To Buy (OTB), a key component in considering the impact of long-range orders on budgets.


Forecast Challenges

Retail demand forecasting — how Demand Chain Management addresses forecast challenges.



Reduce overstocked, unproductive inventory and increasing the availability of the merchandise your customers want.

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