• Connection Analytics

    Discover and analyze how relationships influence outcome

    Teradata brings a new class of analytics to improve customer retention, marketing attribution, risk mitigation and operational efficiency.

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  • Everything in the world is connected.

    People are connected through social networks and communities of interests. Product purchases are connected through sequence of purchase or a single market basket. And processes are connected in manufacturing or fraudulent transactions. Teradata introduces a new class of analytics that leverages these relationships to improve analytic outcome.

     Connections Roadmap to Insights  

    • How can I improve my business with connections analytics?
      Connection analytics applies to more than just social media where there’s a network of relationships, but connection analytics can be applied to business areas as diverse as marketing, human resources, security and operations.


    Connection Analytics with Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

    Teradata Aster Discovery platform delivers high speed connections analytics through native Graph and MapReduce engines designed for massively parallel processing. In addition, Teradata delivers over 100 pre-built analytic functions with an easy to use SQL interface to accelerate time to value.