• Big Data Apps

    Unleash big data insights across your enterprise

    Big Data Apps Overview
  • Enable Big Data Insight Discovery Across The Enterprise

    Companies understand the value of big data and know that powerful new insights can lead to competitive advantages. Data scientist and business analyst are uncovering incredible insights from big data, but they struggle to make this consumable by enterprise users. The business community is hungry for big data insights but wants something that is simple to use, easy to navigate and gives them total control internally. Big data apps put big data discovery and analysis into the hands of business users and extends the capability of solving business challenges across the enterprise.

    To Learn more, read this IDC study on the value of big data applications as a means to ensure pervasive availability of big data analytics in the organization.

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    Big Data Apps Answers Industry-specific Questions

    Big data apps from Teradata are scalable and reusable industry focused apps that answer industry-specific business questions for organizations in retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, entertainment and others. They are targeted to solve specific business challenges like fraud, customer churn, loyalty, customer satisfaction and cart abandonment. Teradata accelerates implementation by providing app templates that include application logic, schema, visualizations and user interface and can be configured easily by Teradata professional services to address specific customer requirements.

    Teradata Aster AppCenter

    Big data apps are powered by the Teradata Aster AppCenter, a framework that allows organizations to build, share configure and deploy pre-built big data apps with ease.

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