• Performance

    Workload management, application performance and capacity planning

    Teradata's advanced performance tools give you more power and flexibility in managing your data warehouse.

  • Meeting your business needs

    Teradata Active System Management

    Teradata recognizes that your warehouse must handle complex analytics and tactical queries that drive day-to-day operations. You require the ability to manage mixed workloads – including supporting rapid tactical queries and complex strategic queries while prioritizing and applying appropriate resources to each. It’s a task that Teradata Professional Services can more than handle.

    Understand current and future resource usage and performance trends

    The ability to effectively plan and forecast company resources to meet demands that drive value and that address customer needs is critical for any business. For CIOs and IT management, this planning function is important across the breadth of their technology infrastructure—and is especially true for the data warehouse.

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    Return performance to your system through query optimization

    Make your system resources work smarter, not harder. Use query optimization to fine-tune and streamline application workloads.

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    Teradata Performance and Capacity Services

    Operate your Teradata system at peak efficiency with diagnostic reports and graphs that help tune your applications, monitor performance, develop capacity plans, and more. Teradata Professional Services will also provide mentoring to help your personnel learn best practices for collecting, reporting, and interpreting performance data.

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    Application Performance

    Get more out of your Teradata system when Teradata Professional Services consultants work alongside your DBAs to target problem areas and fine-tune your applciations. You'll learn proactive steps that prevent future performance issues.

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    Capacity Management

    Growing data volumes can eat up your warehouse system capacity in a flash - right when you need it the most. Teradata Capacity Management Services can help you understand and predict demands on production, QA and test environments across your environment.

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    Workload Management

    Managing mixed workloads with varying priorities requires careful consideration and planning. Teradata’s Workload Management Service is designed to assess and establish requirements for optimizing your workload environment.

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    Teradata Capacity Management - Don't Run Out of Space!

    Since most companies rely on the data warehouse for important day-to-day analytics, running out of system capacity is not an option. This podcast reveals top capacity measures for the Teradata data warehouse and where DBAs can find resource and usage consumption data. We'll also discover why some capacity indicators can be misleading in accurate forecasting.

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  • "Teradata brought in very knowledgeable consultants and kept them here for the duration. Teradata’s emphasis on involving Hallmark’s personnel throughout the process was instrumental to our now being self-sufficient."

    Ken Dale

    Database Administrator, Hallmark


    Optimize and Manage

    Is your company getting all the business value it should from your data architecture? Professional Service Consultants from Teradata can optimize and manage your end-to-end analytics environment for higher efficiency and utilization.. Find out how Teradata Professional Services helped customers Proctor & Gamble, 24/7, and Swisscom exploit their data for maximum business value.

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