• Integrated Data Management Services

    Better Data is the Key to More Timely & Accurate Decisions

    Integrate & manage your data for better decisions, more effective data governance practices & improved security

  • Meeting your business needs

    Make Better Decisions with Timely & Accurate Data

    Accurate, reliable, timely and consistent enterprise database management produces quality data. This helps you avoid misleading and inaccurate conclusions and make better business decisions that improve your bottome line.


    Manage your Data as a Valuable Corporate Asset

    In this age of information, data is one of your major corporate assets. Taking a proactive approach to data management will give your company a competitive edge and help to ensure your success.


    Get More Secure & Trusted Information with Data Integration

    Proper data management provides business value - not only by giving you the ability to make faster, better decisions, but also by increasing security and privacy and adhering to your data governance policies.


    Improve Your Data Quality

    Improving data quality benefits everyone in your organization. Teradata takes a step-by-step approach to data quality improvement that focuses on your specific business issues to deliver tangible and measurable results.

    Data Warehouses & Quality - white paper

    Establish Data Governance Practices

    Data can't mange itself - which is why you need a viable set of management practices for data governance. Teradata Integrated Management Services will help you establish data governance policies that are the first crucial step toward creating business value from quality data.

    Governance Takes Off

    Data Integration

    Data Integration takes Data Acquisition to the next level of detail, using Metadata and Master Data management techniques to create a meaningful and trusted information environment.  Whereas Data Acquisition is the loading of data, Data integration examines the data quality and combines master, transactional, and metadata data into an integrated data model.

    Driving Synergies Across the Infrastructure

    Improve Data Security & Privacy

    Teradata Integrated Data Management services can help you secure sensitive data that may be located in multiple data warehouses. We will help you establish consistent access rights, auditing capabilities and encryption to protect this vital asset.

    Manage Customer Relationships with Master Data Management

    Many organizations have their customer data spread across multiple systems, often in fragmented and inconsistent formats. Teradata Integrated Data Management Services can help you bring all this data together to more effectively manage your customers' experiences.

    Teradata Master Data Management
  • "EDM has always been important, but now, during these challenging economic times, it’s critical to improve customer intimacy and retention, control costs, boost operational efficiency, and implement strong financial and risk management."

    Jane Griffin

    Technology Integration Principal, Deloitte Consulting


    Architect and Implement

    Strategically designing and leveraging data for your company, Teradata Professional Services and Consultants architect the right solution and implement it to meet your needs. Find out how Teradata Professional Services helped customers Navistar, ProSugar, HMS, and American Eagles Outfitters add new capabilities and business value.