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    Architectural Differentiation

    Start with the Business to meet them where they are today, to assess what the business initiatives and drivers are, and where they need to be in the future. Once identified, look at the information architecture (the data that is needed to support the business initiatives) to enable the business. The applications that are used to provide the information are reviewed as well. 

    Finally, consider the technology stack to support the whole solution. Through advocated positions, architectural principles, tools and frameworks, you can benefit directly from our years of architectural experience and expertise in designing and building an information environment that is flexible to address the unknown needs of tomorrow.

    Projects clearly tied to business intiatives

    Can you get the data you need, when you need it, to resolve business issues?

    Is the data that you have invested so heavily in providing value?

    Do your Executives believe that your technology investments are delivering a competitive advantage?

    Any good architecture must start with the business needs and priorities. All the technology in the world won’t do much good if it is not tied to the business drivers and needs of the organization and can accommodate the flexibility needed to support your organizational processes and people. Because of our experience and total focus on data, we have mature design principles and practices that will impact your success in resolving critical business issues.

    Experience Matters

    Our architecture approach and reference architectures support a core set of principles. We also rely on Advocated Positions, which are stronger than best practices, to help you benefit directly from our years of architectural experience. We deliver a framework that starts with your business to provide holistic solutions that mitigate risk, accelerate delivery and provide true business value.


    • Scoping
    • Design
    • Delivery
    • Data Lab Services


    The Scoping Service defines the scope of a proposed project, once an opportunity has been identified and qualified.  The purpose is to gain enough knowledge of the opportunity to estimate the complexity, duration and cost of delivering a solution to meet the business needs of the opportunity.


    Design services are needed to help ensure the right architectural rigor and discipline is instilled into the process with all design decisions validated against our core architectural principles, advocated positions, design patterns and implementation alternatives.

    These consulting services, which leverage global best practices derived from thousands of successful implementations, provide a flexible architectural approach to leverage ALL forms of data with an understanding of how to get maximum business value from that data.


    Implementation of an integrated data environment is an iterative buildout of the design using the materials and other collateral obtained during the prior analytic roadmap and scoping phases. The Teradata approach:

    • Adds the business link to the end to end solution chain
    • Provides a consistent and proven approach through our robust methodology
    • Utilizes Industry specific models, based on years of experience, that address your critical business issues
    • Builds in Governance and delivery processes that link your boardroom issues with technology solutions
    • Provides tools that drive consistency, reduce cost, and mitigate risk

    Data Lab Services

    Agile analytics using an integrated data lab provides your IT technicians and business analysts a solution to enable agility for new data. It helps quickly assimilate untested data into a separate “non-production” portion of the data warehouse. This provides a self-provisioning environment for swift prototyping and analysis.

    Teradata Data Lab - Brochure
  • "New data sources such as web and smart meter data will enable new insight. It is vital that Centrica have a technology partner who is proven in this field."

    David Cooper

    CIO, Centrica


    Architect and Implement

    Strategically designing and leveraging data for your company, Teradata Professional Services and Consultants architect the right solution and implement it to meet your needs. Find out how Teradata Professional Services helped customers Navistar, ProSugar, HMS, and American Eagles Outfitters add new capabilities and business value.

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