Industry Data Models and Roadmaps

The Teradata Logical Data Model (LDM) and Teradata Data Integration Roadmap (DIR) function like a map and compass to help you see what data you need to solve specific key business improvement opportunities. These sophisticated, industry-specific tools help you leverage data that you already have to address new business improvement opportunities.

Use your LDM and DIR in conjunction with your integrated data warehouse from Teradata to access all centralized, relevant data across the enterprise, regardless of the functional areas, and align your tactical information needs to larger business priorities and goals. Teradata helps eliminate the stovepipe approach to accessing data and, most importantly, gets your IT team and business users focused on connecting their individual pieces to the broader company strategy.

A business-friendly Access Layer can facilitate easy data consumption by business analysts without requiring them to wrestle with underlying complex data structures or deal with specific BI tool limitations.

Solution Modeling Building Blocks (SMBBs) are best practice industry and solution-specific semantic data models (dimensional, analytical data sets, or relational) used to accelerate build-out of a powerful business Access Layer, regardless of platform (data warehouse or discovery), BI tools, or environment maturity.

Industry Data Models and Roadmaps

Logical Data Model (LDM)

Teradata Communications Data Model
Efficiently capture, store and analyze data to support your vital initiatives.

Teradata Financial Services Data Model
Deal effectively with Basel II, IAS, increasing risk, mergers and changing customer demands.

Teradata Healthcare Data Model
Provide high-quality healthcare and maintain competitive costs by using your data more effectively.

Teradata Insurance Data Model
Gain knowledge to deal with changing customer demands for a truly competitive edge.

Teradata Manufacturing Data Model
Get convenient access to cross-functional, integrated information and a single view of your business.

Teradata Media & Entertainment Data Model
Gain fast, accurate access to information about customers, intellectual property and partners. 

Teradata Retail Data Model
Get a single, integrated view of your business so business and IT can communicate better.

Teradata Transportation and Logistics Data Model
Be more agile with a powerful and flexible enterprise data warehouse framework.

Teradata Travel and Hospitality Industry Data Model
Get an enterprise-wide view of data throughout the shopping, purchase, service and travel cycle.

Teradata Utilities Data Model
The Teradata Utilities Data Model is your blueprint for making the most of the data in your data warehouse. It will save you time and money and provide a single view of your business to all users.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap (EDWR)

Data Integration Roadmap Modeling
This white paper describes a visual model that supports understanding and planning of the integrated data warehouse.

Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Communications
Capture and integrate data from new transaction sources to beat the competition.

Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Financial Services
Focus your warehouse on increasing regulation and other challenges.

Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Healthcare
Use your data to deal with regulation, demands of providers, drug companies and more.

Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Insurance
Gain a clear connection between your business needs and technology.

Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Manufacturing
Identify specific business improvement opportunities and the data they require.

Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Retail
Jump-start planning and development to meet your goals.

Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Transportation and Logistics
Advanced strategy to overcome competition, rising fuel costs and mergers.

Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Travel and Hospitality
Align business strategy and analytics to connect with customers and profits.