St.George Bank

Find out how St.George Bank keeps pace with phenomenal growth with a Teradata Warehouse. 

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Banking On Success

Over the past five years, St.George Bank has experienced exceptional growth in revenue and profitability while increasing customer satisfaction and its share price. Since 2002, the Bank's management team has pursued a strategy to grow shareholder value through providing excellent customer service, by engaging staff and expanding organically through product innovation and entry into neighbouring markets.

Key to the execution of this customer-focused strategy is the Bank's Group Data Warehouse (GDW), a state-of-the-art tool that provides the data that employees need for faster, more effective decisions and continued customer service excellence. The GDW, based on a Teradata platform and tools, is used by every department throughout St.George. It provides information and analysis that supports customer service and knowledge, regulatory requirements and risk management, and analytics by product, channel and geography.

St.George has more recently discovered new ways to use the data warehouse to support strategic business goals such as compliance, cost reduction and increased profitability. By serving as the information- driven engine of the company, the GDW provides St.George with bottom-line benefits and a unique advantage over its competitors.

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