Enterprise Data Warehouse Delivers Healthy Returns to BKK Insurance Companies

BKK's enterprise data system provides business insights and helps increase customer membership, decrease costs and enhance customer service. 

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EDW Delivers Value Added Service

Doing business in the highly competitive health insurance market requires a multiplicity of business strengths. Not only must providers offer customers excellent service at low costs, but they must also meet a myriad of regulatory requirements. Competing in Germany's national health insurance system is even more complex: although private health insurance is available, nearly 90% of the country's constituents opt for statutory health insurance. The statutory health insurance system is supervised by Germany's Federal Insurance Office, which is part of the German Federal Ministry of Health.

One of the leading providers of statutory health insurance in Germany is a collection of companies known as Bundesverband der Betriebskrankenkassen (which translates into the Federal Association of Company Health Insurance Funds), otherwise known as BKK. Of the more than 250 providers of statutory health insurance, nearly 190 belong to BKK. These independent non-profit corporations insure more than 14 million people, comprising almost 20% of the German statutory healthcare market. All of the BKK companies compete intensely with both private health insurance organizations and with one another.

To enable the insurance companies to better understand costs and benefits, BKK BV (the head organization of BKK) created an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) based on Teradata solution technology. Data from as many as 2 billion claims per year is stored in the EDW; each of the insurance companies can review and analyze their data at various levels of detail, while security measures protect the privacy of individuals and the competitive information of other organizations. Nevertheless, each insurance company can benchmark its business against the anonymous, but detailed information of the remaining companies. The resulting insight has helped BKK and its insurance companies to increase customer membership by 45%, decrease costs, and enhance service efficiency.

"Teradata data warehouse technology enables a 360-degree view of the BKK business," states Hartmut Scholz, CIO of BKK BV. "This transparency is the primary prerequisite to influence economic efficiency and quality of service for our BKK insured customers." 

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