Teradata Decision Insight

Teradata Decision Insight is the first integrated analytical environment for Teradata Decision Experts. It is ready to go without additional work or staffing. 

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Integrated Analysis – Ready to Go, Out of the Box

Teradata Decision Insight is the first integrated analytic environment for Teradata Decision Experts. Once deployed, it reads the Decision Experts metadata system, immediately understands the nature of your Financial Analysis deployment, and supports user-friendly, multi-dimensional financial analysis, drill downs, and drill across – without additional required work or staffing. Decision Experts Query is ready to go, straight out of the box.

Enterprise-wide Access to Financial Intelligence

Teradata Decision Insight provides query and analysis in three different forms: saved, pre-defined queries for executives and basic information consumers; ad-hoc queries for analysts and consultants looking to answer questions not yet asked; and fully integrated spreadsheet queries using the Decision Experts Query Microsoft® Excel Add-in. Whether users are sharing departmental reports in spreadsheets or are starting from scratch with ad-hoc queries, Decision Experts Query is always ready to drill into lower level details, and span across to different subject areas.

Microsoft Excel Add-In: Transforming Static Spreadsheets into Live Windows

Teradata Decision Insight for Excel provides a tight Microsoft Excel integration to the Teradata Decision Experts solution. It transforms static Excel spreadsheets into a dynamic environment for querying and analyzing the financial warehouse data. Using a Teradata Decision Experts-specific toolbar available from the Excel interface, users can create live, ad-hoc queries, apply Excel functions, save queries, share with other users, and refresh at any time. Additionally, queries can be fully integrated with other Excel capabilities, charts, pivot tables, and calculations, and provide a complete analysis environment that makes any financial user feel at home.

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Secure Data Access

All Decision Insight users are managed through the same common security environment, which is shared across the warehouse. Each user sees only the tables and objects relevant to their role, and only the rows that have been secured for them. Decision Experts Query is part of a robust, application grade security model that makes the Teradata Decision Experts environment appealing for both departmental deployments, and large scale financial analytic environments.

Web Accessible – Exceptionally Quick Deployment

Teradata Decision Insight, like all Teradata Decision Experts products, is designed for quick and easy installation and configuration. With zero client administration, Decision Experts Query can be remotely installed and upgraded by administrators with ease. And because it automatically works with the Teradata Decision Experts financial data warehouse, there is no need for complex report mapping or defining joins - enabling organizations to deploy with unparalleled speed.

Ad-Hoc Reporting Features

  • Easily select measures and dimensions from the Teradata Decision Experts financial data warehouse
  • Pivoting, filtering, and drill down capabilities
  • Drill across and back for root cause analysis
  • Save, reuse, and share reports through the ad-hoc library

Integrated Excel

  • Create ad-hoc queries that directly access the Teradata Decision Experts financial data warehouse
  • Drill across and drill down across within Excel
  • Save query and refresh results anytime in Excel


  • Preconfigured to work with the Teradata Decision Experts financial data warehouse
  • Graphical interface for managing user access and services
  • Reduced administration through role-based security
  • LDAP import

Enterprise Standards, Scalability, Security

  • Services-based architecture provides stable, scalable, and reliable solution for distributed computing
  • Leverages internet communication standards, HTTP and TCP, and XML for messages
  • Integrates with and leverages existing Windows domain user authentication

For More Information

To learn more about Teradata Decision Insight, contact your Teradata representative.