Top Ten Reasons to Choose Teradata Solutions

Considering a new business intelligence application or a change in your data warehousing environment to get better performance? Do you need faster access to your data and an easier and less costly way to manage it? Think Teradata. Technology, people, processes, and passion aligned to consistently build successful data warehouses. As the global leader in enterprise data warehousing and analytical solutions, we provide innovations to strengthen your position today and grow your business tomorrow.
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Consider a single view of your enterprise and the resulting decision-making advantages. A single, integrated source of accurate data means smarter, faster decisions across your enterprise. Leverage your data assets to gain strategic insight, recognize emerging trends, and respond quickly to leave your competitors behind. Think Teradata. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. A Single View of Your Business

While every business is unique, each shares a common need: consistent, accurate, and timely information to make smarter, faster decisions. In today’s fast-paced, volatile business environment you need a single, consistent view of data for all your business decisions. Why incur the expense and management issues associated with multiple data stores and redundant data? Teradata’s enterprise data warehouse approach to data warehousing makes integrated information available from anywhere in your organization through a single, centralized, yet flexible data source.

2. Smarter Strategic Decisions – Faster

Without sophisticated analytical capabilities, data simply do not translate into insight. Teradata’s analytical solutions enable you to use information to analyze and manage your business every day. With Teradata, decision makers across your enterprise can quickly make well-informed, coordinated, strategic decisions to guide your business.

3. Front-Office meets Back-Office

Converting information into strategic insight is good, but transforming insight into action is even better. Active Enterprise Intelligence™ capability, powered by Teradata’s Active Data Warehousing™ technologies, extends your data warehouse from strategic, back-office analysis to the front lines of your business, enabling you to respond to events as they occur. This operational intelligence can be deployed to your associates in sales or call centers, or through touch points, such as web sites, ATMs, kiosks, point-of-sale systems, and even shelf pricing tags and scanners while the customer is still interacting with you. Using Active Enterprise Intelligence™ capabilities, you can cross- and up-sell customers while they’re still on the phone, change supply chain logistics and production plans as fast as demand changes, and spot potential problems in time to fix them.

4. Proven Experience

No question. Teradata delivers time and time again. Teradata is the pioneer and the continued leader in data warehousing and decision support. We’ve installed more than 2,400 data warehouses and helped more than 950 companies manage data and make better decisions for powerful growth. Our heritage gives us a base of industry knowledge and vision, and built-in global consulting and support services. These services, together with our R&D efforts, are simply unmatched in their success.

5. Strong Customer References

Royal Bank Financial Group, Harrah’s, Ford Motor Company, British Airways, TESCO Stores, Deutsche Post, eBay,, Vodafone and The Coca-Cola Company. Want to get an idea of the unparalleled value of our solutions? Just ask our customers, both the global powers and the most exciting up-and-comers.

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6. Industry Expertise

Retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, financial services, insurance, communications, media and entertainment, travel, healthcare, and government. Every industry has its own signature challenges and demands. Teradata professionals offer a fundamental base of industry knowledge. Just check out our playing fields:

  • 90% of the top global telecommunications companies
  • 50% of the top global retailers
  • 70% of the top global airlines
  • 70% of the top global transportation and logistics companies
  • 50% of the top global commercial and savings banks

7. Powerful Technology

Performance? Our technology delivers. With Teradata solutions, decision time is measured in seconds and minutes, not days and weeks. Our robust, sophisticated design is easy to manage and use – no matter how simple or complex the query. Moreover, our solutions are scalable and flexible, offering a single, integrated platform that handles vast amounts of data and users, and numerous workload types simultaneously to drive better real-time decisions.

8. Strong Partnerships

Comprehensive solutions are just that – a variety of critical elements brought together to create a complete solution. To ensure you have the tools you need to leverage the power of Teradata solutions, we work with the industry’s leading software companies and systems integrators. You can easily access your Teradata system from enterprise applications developed and deployed in application server environments, such as IBM WebSphere, SAP NetWeaver,® BEA WebLogic,® and Microsoft.NET.® The bottom line is that we work with a wide variety of the industry’s top providers so that, in the end, so can you.

9. A Full Suite of Services

From strategy and design through implementation and support, Teradata Services ensure your success. Our Teradata Services Consultants bring patented methodology and years of experience to allow you to quickly plan and build projects with high value and minimized risk. And it doesn’t stop there. Our Services teams offer the help you need throughout your system’s lifecycle with best practices for performance and capacity planning and managed growth.

10. Focus on Data Warehousing

At Teradata, we focus on our core business – so you can focus on yours. Data warehousing isn’t just something we do. It’s all that we do. No matter what your industry, challenges, or requirements, we offer in-depth knowledge and comprehensive services that are right for you. From design to deployment to critical success factors, we know our business better than anyone else in the industry.

Consider a single view of your enterprise. Teradata can get you there. The first step? Contact your Teradata representative.