Teradata Professional Services

This brochure describes Teradata Professional Services’ offerings and shows how some customers are benefiting from the capabilities and value of Teradata Professional Services.

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Leverage the Teradata Professional Services Difference

Aligning Strategic and Operational Intelligence

Aligning strategic intelligence – the analysis generated and used by corporate knowledge workers – with operational intelligence – the near-real-time, actionable information used by front-line workers – requires expertise, vision, a proven track record, and an understanding of your unique business requirements.

With more than 3,000 Professional Services consultants, Teradata can provide you with a complete analytical solution that will allow you to be more responsive to customer needs and changing regulatory requirements while creating a competitive advantage for your enterprise.

Proven Track Record and Approach

Teradata Corporation, the global leader in data warehousing and analytics, has been delivering data warehouse and business intelligence solutions to customers for three decades. We have successfully built more than 2,400 data warehouse and business intelligence solutions, making us the undisputed leader in enterprise data warehousing implementations. As evidence, we have been honored with myriad awards, and our customers have received recognition from industry analysts and the trade press.

Our customers demand disciplined project management and consistent, reliable data warehouse development. That’s exactly what Teradata delivers through the patented Teradata Solutions Methodology.

This methodology is a proven approach to data warehousing that relies on integrated processes, customized tools, and quantifiable metrics that demonstrate quality and value at every step of the process.

"Supported by the Teradata Professional Services team, Shanghai Stock Exchange completed the third-phase project and brought data warehouse performance to a new level by realizing four objectives: consolidation, capacity expansion, differentiated storage, and disaster recovery system deployment within the same city at the same time."
– Bai Shuo, Assistant General Manager and Chief Engineer, Shanghai Stock Exchange

Industry and Client Focus

Whether you are in healthcare, financial services, or another industry, you can be sure Teradata speaks your language and understands your key challenges. In fact, our consultants are not only knowledgeable in your industry but are also data warehousing and business intelligence experts.

Our industry knowledge has been solidified into unique tools we use to help accelerate time to market. These tools include:

  • Industry-specific logical data models to structure and organize your data and translate them into a physical data model.
  • Enterprise information/data integration tools including the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap Model, a state-of-the-art visual tool used to intelligently plan the implementation of an enterprise data warehouse strategy.
  • Business Impact Models for business case and ROI analysis.
  • Industry-specific Business Improvement Opportunities to address your unique pain points, such as inventory optimization for retail, track and trace for transportation, or insufficient funds requests for financial services.
  • iDecisions business intelligence development toolkit with configurable report templates and pre-defined metrics for many industries including Retail, Travel, Transportation, Gaming, Lodging, and Food Services.

Teradata Consulting Services Portfolio

Teradata offers the most comprehensive portfolio of services in the industry. 

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The Teradata Professional Services difference includes:


  • Average Teradata Professional Services consultant has more than 10 years experience.
  • Senior consultants are thought leaders and experts.
  • Practical and effective design and implementation concepts.
  • Real-life examples of best practices and what works captured from global engagements.


  • Unparalleled depth of knowledge about the Teradata platform.
  • Technical skills across the entire data warehouse environment, including ETL, BI, and data architecture.
  • Provide enterprise data management solutions across a wide spectrum of industries.

Broad Consulting Capabilities

  • More than 3,000 Teradata professional consultants.
  • Global coverage.
  • Delivery model that blends on-shore and off-shore capabilities to meet your needs.
  • Flexible partnering approach tailored to your business and technical needs.

Whether you’re building a data warehouse from the ground up or migrating from another platform, Teradata Professional Services consultants will map your path toward your specific business and analytical goals.

Robust Services Portfolio

Teradata is the recognized leader in data warehouse consulting services. That means we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Teradata offers a complete, comprehensive services portfolio to meet your changing business needs. We begin by researching your unique business needs and requirements. Our consultants employ ROI tools, such as Business Impact Modeling and Business Value Analysis, to both forecast potential ROI and measure and report actual results.

Customers who want the most from their Teradata solution look for ways to grow its capabilities as business needs evolve and market demands change. We offer a well-defined process designed to assess performance management practices, analyze performance trends, identify bottlenecks, and facilitate the necessary changes.

"Teradata Professional Services brought their data warehouse architecture leadership experience, strong data models, and strong designs. They worked very closely with us to review those models and designs, hardware, and infrastructure choices."
 – Terry Johnson, Technology Manager for Internet Services, Wells Fargo

Partnering for Complete, End-to-End Solutions

Today’s complex enterprise-wide data solutions require sophisticated tools and specialized expertise – often from multiple sources. Teradata understands the importance of strong business partnerships in delivering end-to-end enterprise solutions. Developing these key partnerships is a cornerstone of our long-term strategy.

Driven by a tradition of knowledge growth, thought leadership, and unmatched commitment to excellence, Teradata partners with a wide variety of like-minded companies to develop and provide robust offerings that strengthen our enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

Teradata is committed to partnering with the world’s leading software and technology vendors, consultants, and systems integrators with global, cross-industry expertise in designing and implementing Teradata systems and analytic solutions that deliver business value to you.

Deep Skills and Experience

Teradata Professional Services consultants have deep technical expertise in data warehousing, business intelligence tools, applications, and data management technologies. In fact, no other solution provider has more experience with data warehousing implementations than Teradata. By precisely translating your business goals into technical requirements, we create a customized solution that works.

Our delivery model may also include resources from our Global Consulting Centers. Staffed by Teradata consultants, these centers provide cost-effective integration of on-site and remote services and offer round-the-clock development that draws from all of Teradata’s robust internal resources to meet or even beat your schedule, all with a total cost of ownership that meets your expectations.

Phased Approach to ROI

In today’s challenging economic climate, organizations are faced with shrinking budgets and increasing expectations, forcing you to do more with less. As a result, large multi-year projects have fallen out of favor. Instead, you’re expected to show measurable value in incremental phases to maintain funding for upgrades, expansions, and new technology investments.

Teradata understands your challenge. That’s why our Professional Services teams manage your project in 90-120-day iterative phases, allowing you to showcase ROI every step of the way. In addition, rolling out a data warehouse using this iterative approach allows you to continually fine-tune the project to meet changing business priorities. And early deployment lets you begin recouping costs much sooner.

A Complete Package 

From our world-class patented methodology, to our services supporting strategy, Teradata Professional Services is here to help with the financial justification, development, planning, design, implementation, management, and enhancement of your enterprise analytics environment.

This know-how, coupled with real-life practical experience in a variety of industries, gives Teradata Professional Services the ability to create solutions that drive business value.


"If you want to do a project just like dozens or hundreds of similar projects done by other enterprises, why not just go with Teradata and Teradata’s professional services arm? After all – individually and collectively, they’ve been doing it forever, or so close to forever as to make little difference."

 – Curt Monash, President of Monash Research, "The Teradata Accelerate Program," DBMS2: A Monash Research Publication, Nov. 22, 2008.

For more details about how Teradata Professional Services can help you maximize your Teradata investment and grow a more productive business, contact your Teradata representative.