Teradata Marketing Resource Management

MRM is a set of processes and applications that provide a framework to systematically plan, manage and execute your marketing operations. 
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Transform your Marketing Department into a Robust Profit Center

Global 2000 businesses spend some $600 billion per year on marketing their products and services. When the pressure to restrain costs intensifies – as it has done in many industries today – marketing budgets come under a whole new level of scrutiny. Among the hard questions: What is the return on investment in various initiatives? Is there a more efficient way to allocate resources? Can we do a better job of enforcing our brand throughout the enterprise? Are our integrated business system processes as efficient as they might be?

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is a set of processes and applications that addresses these difficult questions; in doing so it can transform your marketing department into a robust profit center. And Teradata MRM is marketing resource management done right.

A perfectly integrated complement to the analytical and operational power of our industry-leading CRM solution, Teradata MRM provides a centralized, end-to-end framework that neatly sidesteps the stovepiped views and functional and data overlaps that plague other MRM solutions. It enables you to systematically plan, manage, and execute your marketing operation with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. Leaders in implementing integrated business MRM solutions have been able to:

  • Realize huge productivity gains across their marketing departments
  • Reduce time-to-market approvals on campaigns and agency creatives
  • Reduce packaging process cycle time on new product introductions
  • Reduce headcount and agency fees
  • Realize significant savings through reuse of existing assets
  • Leverage global ad consolidation to reduce advertising costs
  • Reduce brand identity distribution costs

Control and Execution

Our customers have achieved those results through our web-based solution that integrates their marketing programs with Teradata’s renowned analytics. The result is a centrally controlled, closed loop marketing process that uses the same data – a single view of the customer and the enterprise – to plan marketing activities, manage execution, and measure key performance indicators.


Teradata MRM provides a uniform planning framework and single access point for all marketing content, metrics, plans, budgets, and sites. Calendars and budgets, for example, can be reviewed at any level, with drill down to the lowest levels of detail when necessary.


Our powerful tools enable collaborative marketing teams to streamline and accelerate processes for product launches, integrated marketing campaigns, procurement, packaging, promotion design, and other marketing activities. Automation of workflows and approval processes expedite the development and delivery of projects and campaigns, while providing additional oversight and accountability and facilitating the leveraging of business policies and best practices.


In a secure, centralized repository, Teradata MRM provides digital asset management for content related to packaging graphics, sales brochures, point-of-purchase advertising, and various communications resources. Users can search, browse, and retrieve localized content through any web browser providing tight control over the enterprise brand and reducing costs associated with use and distribution of collaterals and assets.


You will be able to measure the return on marketing investment with customizable dashboards and reports. Integrated response tracking within Teradata Relationship Manager supercharges future planning.


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The Top 10 Reasons to Use Teradata Marketing Resource Management

  1. Better alignment of marketing activities with business goals
  2. More efficient allocation of resources
  3. Reduction in cycle time for all aspects of campaign development and execution, including packaging and collateral development
  4. Strengthening of brand identity
  5. Consistent and accurate communications using a single system of record
  6. Cost savings through reuse of assets in a single repository
  7. Cost savings through improvements in collateral handling and reduced shipping costs
  8. Reduction in agency fees due to improved monitoring and productivity
  9. Transparent budgeting and automated status tracking
  10. Improved business integration by communicating the business impact of marketing programs to other departments throughout the enterprise.

For More Information

To learn more about how Teradata can help you transform your marketing department into a robust profit center, contact your local Teradata representative.