Teradata 540S Server

The Teradata 540S SMP Server offers an integrated data warehouse solution with optimized system performance. It can operate on UNIX, Windows 2003 Enterprise or Linux.

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SMP Server for Teradata Solutions

The Teradata® 540S Server* and the Teradata Database offer a completely integrated data warehouse solution with optimized system performance. In today's fast-paced, ever-changing, competitive environment, your data warehouse must support higher performance and availability to guarantee response and accommodate business growth. The Teradata 540S Server meets these needs. This SMP server provides the dependability and high performance you've come to expect when supporting a Teradata solution.

The Teradata 540S Server is the ideal server to meet data warehousing requirements and can readily support the need for test and development systems as well. The Teradata 540S Server includes dual Intel® Xeon™ processors 3.4GHz with EM64T Extended Memory 64 Technology and Hyper-Threading Technology.

EM64T enables 64-bit computing on server platforms, when combined with supporting software, to improve performance by allowing the system to address more than 4 GB of memory. The multithreading design allows a single processor to manage data as if it were two processors by handling data instructions in parallel rather than one at a time.

The Teradata 540S Server offers outstanding availability, reliability, and serviceability with such features as hot-swappable redundant power supplies and hard disk drives.

When combined with external data storage and additional connectivity features, the Teradata 540S Server provides a solid foundation for data warehousing applications.

The Teradata 540S Server is backed by world-class service and support, delivering the dependability, performance, and peace of mind you need in your business.

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