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Cybersecurity: Locks are Fine, Alarms Better
The article, written by Frank Konkel of 1105 Media, describes how the same types of big data that help fast-food chains and retailers keep customers happy are now integral to very-public surveillance efforts employed by the intelligence community. For federal agencies, one of the most attractive uses of big data and the accompanying analytics it allows for may be in the realm of cyber defense.
Driving Business Advantage from Big Data Analytics in Lodging
In the lodging and hospitality industry, big data analytics improves customer engagement and experience, business operations, marketing, profitability, and growth.
Personalizing the Store
Five-step roadmap for retailers to leverage data to understand their consumers granularly, and speak directly to each individual with timely, relevant messages and offers.
Q&A: Preparing Retailers for Next-Generation Analytics
Teradata’s David Hastings explains how next-generation analytics can help retailers cost-effectively capture, store, and analyze the huge volumes of data they collect today.
The next big bang
Combining online and offline customer data sparks explosion of new business insights. 
The Viewpoint (Business): Questions to Ask Before Buying Big Data Tools
This Viewpoint article, written from the business perspective, highlights questions to ask before buying big data tools. The article, written by Bobby Caudill, Program Director for Government at Teradata, was sponsored by FCW.
The Viewpoint (Technology): Let Business Priorities Drive Tech
This Viewpoint article, written from a technical perspective, highlights how business priorities should drive technology decisions for the organization.
What is big data?
It’s going mainstream, and it’s your next opportunity.