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Beyond Surface-Level Social Media: Using Analytical Assets for Generation-Next Marketing
Explores key trends that are are shaping the future of enterprise social media and shifting the balance of competitive advantage to early adopters.
Big Data Analytics in Cyber Defense
The purpose of the Big Data Analytics in Cyber Defense study sponsored by Teradata and conducted by Ponemon Institute is to learn about organizations’ cyber security defenses and the use of big data analytics2 to become more efficient in recognizing the patterns that represent network threats.
Big Data and Government: Business Drivers and Best Practices
Now is the time to thoughtfully assess your agency’s information management and analytics expectations, taking into account the needs to continue to support existing programs while efficiently supporting policy changes of the future. The time is right for big data and big data analytics.
Breaking the Application Barrier: Why Data is the Most Valuable Asset in the Oil and Gas Industry
This white paper looks at the current limitations of the application-centric approach to managing oil and gas assets, and how an integrated data solution can offer deep insight for major competitive gains.
From Launch to Liftoff: The Role of Data in Improving New Product Performance
This white paper looks closely at the failure rate of new consumer products and how companies are finding success with intelligent targeting and iterative analytics.
Harnessing the Value of Big Data Analytics - How to Gain Business Insight Using MapReduce and Apache Hadoop with SQL-Based Analytics
If you’re thinking about the best way to incorporate Hadoop into your analytical environment, check out this new white paper.
Health & Human Services (HHS) Special Report
This Health and Human Services (HHS) research report from the Governing Institute and the Center for Digital Government highlights numerous industry articles that focus on health care policies and practices that work.
How to Implement an Omni-Channel Retailing Strategy
Retailers must execute across all potential channels. This omni-channel strategy demands a much closer and consistent relationship among marketing, merchandising and IT, as well as powerful enabling technology.
Improving Profitability by End-to-End Analysis of the Warranty and Quality Chain
Learn the emerging trends in warranty and quality management and examine the benefits of Warranty and Quality Analytics to companies that operate in this space.
Leveling Up on Loyalty Capturing ROI from Customer Experience Management
Airlines can build on their existing framework for loyalty by measuring customer value, correlating to customer experience, and designing experiences to drive value growth.
Optimize the Business Value of All Your Enterprise Data
This white paper defines a framework of capabilities and costs for various data platform technology options, in what is known as the Teradata Unified Data Architecture.
Public CIO Special Report – Big Data, Big Promise
This research report from the Center for Digital Government features numerous articles on the opportunities for public CIOs to leverage Big Data in the public sector.
Public CIO Special Report – Cyber Security: New Threats, New Tactics
This research report from the Center for Digital Government features numerous articles on new threats and new tactics in the realm of Cyber Security for public CIOs.
Teradata Enterprise Risk Intelligence for Fraud and Financial Crimes Prevention - Part One
Big data analytics can be an incredibly powerful addition to your faud prevention and detection arsenal. Learn why and how in part one of this white paper.
The Threat Beneath the Surface
Between cyber threats and big data challenges, many federal IT executives, managers and staff feel that the goal of proactive, strategic cyber security is elusive. This white paper describes tools and techniques to handle the volume and complexity of today’s cyber attacks and enable the federal IT leaders to stay ahead of evolving threats going forward.
The Top Five Myths of Big Data Analytics
This paper takes a look at the hard truths and common misconceptions surrounding big data. In particular, it focuses on five common myths about large-scale analytics, then offers a glimpse at the next steps necessary to make big data work for you.
WinterCorp Special Report - Big Data: What does it really cost?
Big Data: What Does it Really Cost? shows you how to estimate the total cost of a big data solution. Read this report if you are a stakeholder, strategist or architect.