• Teradata Warehouse Miner

  • Teradata Warehouse Miner will help you discover meaningful new data patterns and trends. It contains an array of data profiling and mining functions ranging from data exploration and transformation to analytic model development and deployment that are performed directly in the Teradata Database. While most data mining solutions require analysts to extract data samples to build and run analytic models, Teradata Warehouse Miner allows you to analyze detailed data without data movement, streamlining the data mining process.

    Features & Benefits

    Teradata Warehouse Miner makes the most of your data warehousing capabilities with analytic technology that:

    • Reduces the analytic modeling development cycle, allowing faster iterations to refine your model and increase analytic intelligence
    • Simplifies data profiling and creation of an analytic data set with built-in intelligence, complementing any data mining tool
    • Allows you to quickly and easily integrate models into business applications
    • Accelerates model scoring, allowing you to analyze and score data in your warehouse efficiently

    Primary Components

    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Transformation and Data Reduction Functions
    • Statistical Tests
    • Data Visualization
    • Organization and Partitioning Functions
    • Analytic Algorithms
    • Model Management and Scoring
    • Teradata Profiler 
    • Teradata ADS Generator 

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