Teradata Transportation Decisions

Customer churn, fluctuating fuel prices and security costs, lack of competitive differentiation, and thin margins are driving the need to clearly understand all factors that affect your bottom line. Teradata Transportation Decisions provides an integrated business intelligence solution that provides the analysis and reporting capabilities that are designed to give you insight about profitability, opportunities, revenue, cost, customer behavior and service partner information at the most detailed level.

Features & Benefits

Teradata Transportation Decisions can help you:

  • Segment customers by profitability as opposed to revenue or volume
  • Increase profits by determining contracts, concessions and rates with customers
  • Attract and retain high-margin customers with specially designed campaigns
  • Increase overall margins significantly by changing overall customer mix
  • Increase revenue with minimal capacity increase


Primary Components

  • Configurable report templates
  • Pre-defined metrics
  • Pre-defined report hierarchies
  • Report glossary

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