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  • Finding Revenue from a Taxing Problem

    At a time when state budgets are tighter than ever, states are looking for ways to more effectively resolve taxpayer compliance and customer service issues and recover unpaid or underreported tax revenue. One state agency, the Missouri Department of Revenue, has recovered over $100 million in tax revenue to date. They’ve done this by arming frontline employees and caseworkers with current and historical views of all the information they need from a Teradata data warehouse and Teradata’s Tax Compliance Solutions, including Teradata’s Case Management Solution.

    "Our Teradata Tax Compliance data warehouse has given us the capability to combine data from over 25 internal and external sources to develop a more accurate view of each of our taxpayers."

    Mike Davis, project manager, Missouri Department of Revenue

    Like any leading enterprise, government organizations run smarter, faster and better when they have the right tools to leverage the vast amounts of data available to them. Today’s economic environment makes it critical to ensure governments are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. State revenue agencies in particular are seeing value with Teradata Tax Compliance Solutions. In fact, Teradata has helped 8 states in particular recover a combined $1.4+ Billion in tax revenues from non compliant filers.

    Features & Benefits

    Teradata Tax Compliance Solutions can assist your agency in meeting its objectives by helping you:

    • Develop new non-filer, non-registered, under-reporter and audit selection programs to discover thousands of non-compliant taxpayers.
    • Drive key information to management and case worker desktops through a dashboard application.
    • Optimize your enforcement resources and improve collection productivity.
    • Deliver proactive management reports and dashboards to monitor and manage departmental activities
    • Provide access to historic, current and detailed information to equip your case workers with the knowledge to serve taxpayers better.
    • Improve and measure success of outreach and taxpayer education programs
    • Initiate and track communication with the taxpayers from your agency

    Primary Components

    Teradata Tax Compliance Solutions offer complete, comprehensive and accurate programs for every major tax category you work with: sales and use, corporate and franchise, withholding and individual, and business taxes. Here’s an overview of our combined solutions and services:

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    Revenue Opportunity Assessment

    Provides you with a comprehensive, credible revenue recovery projection – an estimate that’s based on Teradata working with state revenue agencies like yours for more than 10 years.

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