Teradata Demand Chain Management

Teradata DCM forecasts consumer demand and synchronizes inventory to match demand

The Teradata Demand Chain Management (DCM) solution is architected as a bottoms up analytic data solution employing consumer demand to develop sales forecasts of each item, by location, weekly and daily.  These forecasts recognize historical performance, are deep in seasonal and causal identification and respond automatically to the latest trends.  The forecast is then combined with inventory and replenishment strategies, serving to pull inventory through the supply chain based on expected sales across each location in the network.

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Recent studies show that retail industry stock-outs are between 5% and 8% and that overstock conditions — the result of poor forecasts and buys - continue to climb.

Teradata Demand Chain Management reverses the flow of information in the traditional supply chain, pulling information about demand at the store and SKU level, up through the chain, to vendors and manufacturers eliminating out of stocks and deducing inventory carrying costs.

The bottom line: Typical Teradata DCM projects deliver multimillion-dollar ROI and payback less than 12 months after implementation.

Features & Benefits

Teradata Demand Chain Management is a web-based solution that provides tangible results through highly accurate, regular and promotional forecasts, and integrated replenishment tools, including:

  • More accurate demand forecasting
  • Effective promotion management
  • Synchronized store/warehouse demand
  • Order forecast optimization and collaboration
  • Intelligent allocations
  • Inventory reduction
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Reduced markdowns and shrink
  • Load building and capacity planning
  • Intelligent product introduction


Primary Components

Modules include:

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Gauging consumer need optimizes the supply chain.

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