Teradata Airline Decisions

Use big data analytics to make critical decisions on when to open or close inventory on existing flights to avoid overbooking issues with Teradata Airline Decisions. On the foundation of the proven Teradata Database, this revolutionary analytic tool:

  • Leverages your Integrated Passenger Name Record (iPNR) data warehouse with sophisticated analytics on overbooking and passenger no-shows
  • Highlights the impact of customer behavior on demand and show-rate trends hidden in PNR details
  • Provides detailed descriptions of each metric and report layout, including the value and audience for the report

Teradata Airline Decisions lets you drill down further than most applications to understand the underlying causes of trends and shifts in customer behavior.

Features & Benefits

Teradata Airline Decisions can help you:

  • Integrate data and measure effects of decisions throughout the revenue chain
  • Improve inventory control and productivity through expanded insight into market or flight conditions
  • Understand the impacts on revenue and forward bookings at the customer level
  • Identify fraudulent activity to recover revenue and commission
  • Shorten the training timeline for increased value-adding activities by market analysts


Primary Components

Configurable report templates and pre-defined metrics providing:

  • Ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • Exception-based alerting

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