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    Both Teradata MDM and Teradata PIM can be tailored to a company's needs. This individual fit can be used to clean up existing information: Relevant data is pulled from multiple databases into one location, duplicate data is deleted and the information is standardized and then republished onto these data management systems.

    Today, trading partners are facing high and unnecessary costs due to Master Data Management (MDM) problems resulting from supply chain information inefficiencies and inaccurate data in transactions. Teradata Product Information Management (PIM) delivers a database management solution that provides flexibility, configurability and customizability that promotes a smooth flow of intra-company information and better control of supply chain processes.

    Features & Benefits

    Teradata Product Information Management provides an accurate and consistent product data foundation enabling you to leverage other business applications with the following benefits:

    • Increased sales resulting from improved customer relationships
    • Reduced out-of-stock positions and improved product assortments
    • Reduced costs based on improved shipping accuracy in warehouse labor and logistics
    • Reduced invoice errors help you avoid write-offs and deductions

    Primary Components

    • Product Life Cycle Maintenance
    • Product Packaging Hierarchy Maintenance
    • Relationship-Dependent Data Maintenance
    • Internal/External Global Data Synchronization
    • Trading Partner Portal

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