Introducing Flexible and Scalable Data Warehousing

Our Next-Generation Integrated Data Warehouse Platform: Teradata IntelliFlexTM

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Teradata IntelliFlex™ is our newest Integrated Data Warehouse platform and most recent addition to the Teradata Workload-Specific Platform Family. IntelliFlex delivers:

  • Multi-dimensional scalability through independent scaling of processing power and storage capacity via our next generation massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture
  • Advanced in-memory computing
  • Unprecedented advancements in system availability with reduced extended downtime
  • Configuration flexibility that allows you to add exactly the computing power and storage you need to meet current and future workload requirements


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Business Benefits

  • Double your system size in as little as 60 minutes for increased agility to meet changing business requirements
  • Faster query response with powerful, next generation technology and increased memory space
  • Reduced data center cost and complexity with minimized cabling, dense cabinet footprint, and more flexible hardware placement
  • Confidence that your business is protected with mission critical availability and performance continuity



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Product Features

  • Fabric-based architecture connects processing power and storage directly to the BYNET™ network
  • Latest generation CPU and data storage technology
  • Hybrid storage (hard disk drives and solid state drives) coupled with Teradata Virtual Storage to most efficiently place data based on usage frequency
  • Industry-leading workload management capabilities for optimizing database resources

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Tech Specifications / Advanced Features

  • Dual multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Teradata BYNET® v6 connectivity over 56Gb/s InfiniBand network
  • Up to 12 active nodes/cabinet
  • Up to 1TB memory/node
  • All-SSD configurations available

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Teradata IntelliFlex delivers real-time intelligence to place vital data into the hands of front-line decision makers, while extending traditional data warehouse functionality into the realm of tactical decision making.

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