Teradata Integrated Channel Intelligence

One of the key challenges facing the global 3000 is that their businesses are typically aligned by channel or other structures that result in data silos, while consumers don’t belong in a specific silo. They can be online and in the store at the same time – internally focused lines of demarcation have become a handicap for many organizations. As customers switch channels, purchase history, lifetime value, pending orders and contact center interactions become locked away in organizational data silos. The impact is felt in lost sales, lost customers and lower customer satisfaction.

For Teradata this is a classic data driven business problem that we solve by bringing data together, integrating the business with data and unleashing ingenuity within the organization.

Fusing Both Worlds Into One

The explosion of the online world has given today’s consumers greater control of where and how they engage with a business and its brand through a unique mix of online channels and emerging media. Successfully competing in this new data-driven environment means bridging the gap between dynamically changing consumer behavior and enterprise decision making.

Features & Benefits

What is Teradata Integrated Channel Intelligence?

The solution offering enables the capture detailed data from online behavior and integrates it with other interactive channels and enterprise data to turn your Enterprise Data Warehouse from Teradata into a powerful marketing tool. Now you can combine online data with traditional offline data in a single location to gain insights into customer behavior that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing spend across all channels. Teradata customers in a variety of industries are currently generating millions of dollars in revenue with the performance and scalability to:

  • Rapidly capture, load and integrate comprehensive online behavior data with existing historical customer information
  • Manage and exploit customer data from all channels including web, store, email, catalog, kiosk and third parties
  • Effectively allocate marketing resources based on the efficacy of marketing spend across channels, media and programs
  • Other relevant customer interactions in near real-time while they are engaged with your business via any website, in store shopping, or call center - through any channel 

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Primary Components

Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence includes powerful components from an "ecosystem" of unique technology, software, services and partnerships:

  • Teradata database performance, scalability, and active capabilities, such as mixed workload and real time accessibility
  • A comprehensive data model that can be used to accelerate a new implementation, or which can be added and integrated into your existing database
  • Pre-built adapters and web-specific ETL software to quickly and easily load and integrate online customer behavior data into your Teradata Data Warehouse
  • Industry specific Teradata Consulting Services to reduce risk and help you get the most from your solution 
  • Teradata Partnerships with online experts and software providers such as Webtrends, Stratigent, KXEN, MicroStrategy, OptiMine, and Celebrus 
  • Aprimo Relationship Manager’s ability to deliver relevant and timely messages to any point of customer interaction based on this new, integrated insight

Additionally, Teradata tools and utilities, ensure the greatest performance and scalability, while creating a complete solution that enables you to boost your marketing ROI:

  • Improve conversion rates by increasing the relevance of offers and promotions across all channels, including the web
  • Identify the real value of "lost" shopping carts when items have actually been purchased through another channel
  • Understand and exploit multi-channel behaviors that lead to sales
  • Measure and compare effectiveness of marketing programs across all channels and media
  • Encourage channel migration from high cost to lower cost channels

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