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Services to Reduce the Costs of Your Analytic Ecosystem

Clear and differentiated visions for data are turned into reality via comprehensive blueprints and unified data architectures; architectures that incorporate the entire ecosystem; linking hardware and software from multiple providers, regardless of the underlying technology.

The key steps towards achieving a vision for your data are:

  • Implementing and modernizing to optimal data platforms
  • Creating the right access to analytics
  • Enhancing existing data architectures
  • Strengthening analytics environments
  • Deploying high-performance applications


Service Offerings

Teradata’s Implementation Services:

  • Architect and develop projects to create or expand a customer’s data and analytics environment,
  • Support the appropriate platform (IDW, Aster, Hadoop) and capabilities within a customer’s current analytic ecosystem.
  • Migrate from a 3rd party database or consolidate data marts as necessary
  • Expand and/or modernization of an existing ecosystem and includes architecting the connections between these systems
  • Incorporate the build of data management capabilities, including from data modeling and metadata management to MDM and data security and privacy
  • Ensuring data is managed with the same rigor as any other corporate asset


Our Approach

From over 3,500 analytic value engagements around the globe, Teradata Implementation Services has developed The Teradata Solutions Methodology (TSM) which includes:

  • Supporting implementation tools for data and analytics planning
  • Design and implementation using integrated and trusted data as the basis for decision making
  • Both agile and traditional waterfall solution delivery approaches.
  • Supporting business growth via reducing risk, delays and costs
  • Linking the right data and technology to business initiatives

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    Assets and Intellectual Property Developed via our Approach

    We also concur with the industry analysts’, such as Gartner, point of view about the rising importance of asset-based delivery. As such, over the course of decades, we have developed, both independently and through client engagements, a set of industry and domain-specific analytic models and IP.

    Some examples include:


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