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Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

Learn about Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse: Overview, Business Benefits, Product Features, Tech Specs, and Resources.


Platform for Operational Active Data Warehousing

Hybrid technology with Teradata Virtual Storage to optimize SSD and HDD storage.

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Business Benefits


active edwData warehouse performance is crucial to your company's success

Supporting increased workloads in today's competitive environment demands a higher level of performance, availability and scalability from your data warehouse. A Teradata Active EDW gives you the power to support thousands of users and a host of applications with both reporting and operational needs.

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Deliver real-time intelligence with operational, active data warehousing

There seems to be more data everywhere these days. Dealing with a mountain of unstructured data (Big Data) and having the analytics to make it happen are a must. A Teradata Active EDW with hybrid technology lets you respond in real-time to leverage business opportunities.

Put vital information into the hands of front-line decision makers

Real time business analytics, such as provided by operational dashboards, enable the business decision makers to Know Now for business success. With the Teradata Active EDW you can extend traditional strategic data warehouse functionality into the realm of tactical decision making with real time operational capability.


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Product Features


Hybrid Storage Boosts Performance

The Teradata Active EDW with hybrid storage technology (Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives) provides higher query throughput, along with faster, more consistent query response times that support very stringent service level agreements (SLAs) as required in demanding operational workload environments.

This boosts business value by allowing more real-time users, faster response to events, deeper and more complex analytics, and broader utilization of your Active Data Warehouse.

Scalability, availability, and management for robust enterprise platform

Based on MPP architecture and Teradata BYNET® system interconnect, the Teradata Active EDW platform supports business growth with scalable, incremental expansion capability in all dimensions. Unique node failover capability and redundant hardware components mitigate component failures for continuous operation. Industry-leading Teradata Active System Management enables dozens of applications and thousands of concurrent users.

Automatic Data Migration

A key technology evolution delivered with the Teradata Active EDW is the use of hybrid storage where Teradata Virtual Storage software leverages both Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) technologies for automatic performance optimization of your data. Unique to Teradata data warehouses, the placement and migration of data based on data temperature is fully automatic with the Teradata Virtual Storage feature. With hybrid storage, the frequently used hot data are stored on very high-performance SSD devices while the less frequently used cold data are placed on the traditional performance HDD devices.


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Tech Specs


Leading Edge Intel® Processors

The Teradata Active EDW features the latest multi-core Intel Xeon® processor for maximum performance on the most demanding workloads.

video-clipWatch: Intel and Teradata: A History of Innovation  

Enhanced Network Connectivity

High performance Teradata BYNET® V5 InfiniBand interconnect provides more bandwidth and a reduction in latency. Field proven BYNET protocol software enables high-speed, fault tolerant, optimized messaging between nodes and other Teradata platforms in the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™.

Industry-Leading Teradata Database

Teradata Database is the most advanced, yet easiest and lowest cost-to-use database on the market for data warehousing. Based on MPP technology and designed from the beginning for data warehousing, Teradata Database provides the fastest query performance, the most intelligent optimizer, and the smartest features. The Teradata Database includes advanced capabilities such as hybrid columnar, temporal, and geospatial features while leading the industry with the data temperature based use of large memory with the Teradata Intelligent Memory. The Teradata Active EDW and Teradata Database are totally integrated and optimized for the most demanding operational and strategic requirements of the integrated data warehouse within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™. The platform is purpose built to run the latest Teradata Database including Teradata Virtual Storage™ and Teradata Active System Management.


Automatically Determine Data “Temperature” & Demand

Automatically put “hot” data into faster storage, and colder data more cost-effective storage to get optimal performance / cost ratio.

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Maximize the Value of Teradata

This paper provides an overview of the many ways customers can increase the value they receive from their Teradata system.