• Teradata Customer Data Integration

  • A Perfect Combination: Active enterprise intelligence raises the bar on customer data integration

    Leveraging Active Enterprise Intelligence and CDI strategies can positively impact the bottom line of organizations as better knowledge eliminates unnecessary expeditures, facilitates business process improvements and increases the effectiveness of customer strategies via a robust database management system. 

    "There are a few vendors providing solutions [the ability to link comprehensive analytics in real time to the actions facilitated by operational CDI] today: for example, Teradata Corporation calls their version Active Enterprise Intelligence."

    Lisa M. Loftis, Intelligent Solutions, Inc. , "CDI and Beyond: Boosting Your Active Enterprise Intelligence Efforts"

    Teradata Customer Data Integration (CDI) combines technology, processes and services to help you create and maintain an accurate, timely and complete view of the customer across multiple channels, business lines and organizations. Teradata CDI is based on Teradata Master Data Management (MDM) - the only solution that enables end-to-end master data management to support customer data integration.

    Features & Benefits

    Teradata CDI brings together proven powerful elements as it:

    • Maintains a complete view of customers data to applications and individuals across the organization
    • Identifies duplicate customers across multiple transaction systems
    • Maintains definitive record in real time as transactional information changes
    • Applies data cleansing, matching and merging rules to create a single and complete version of the customer

    Primary Components

    • CDI Reference Solution Accelerator
    • Advanced Hierarchy Management Services
    • Configurable Publishing Services
    • Model Integration
    • Customizable Workflows
    • Customer Data Model Integration
    • Data Quality Services

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