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Maximize the Value of Your Big Data and Analytics Projects

Consulting Services

With over 30 years of helping companies leverage analytics for business value, our Consulting Services  show you how to develop the business justification, analytic strategy, ROI, design, implementation, and support structure of your analytical environment. Our deep business, industry, and architectural consulting expertise drives measurable business value not only for Teradata products, but also for numerous other industry leading data and analytics vendors, technologies and open source tools.

With a sole focus on data and analytics, Teradata Consulting Services help clients:

  • Develop business led data strategies
  • Architect and implement diverse analytic ecosystems
  • Manage and support analytic ecosystems
  • Receive the necessary education and certifications to understand, run, manage and monitor data and analytics ecosystems

With thousands of skilled consulting professionals around the world, our services, consisting of Analytic Strategy Consulting Services and Architectural / Implementation Consulting Services, enable the design and delivery of high-impact data and analytic technology solutions.


Analytic Strategy Consulting Services

We help businesses assess their current data and analytics ecosystem, develop a data-driven strategy through a time-proven consultative approach and established industry best practices. We provide both broad and deep industry consulting expertise — and the ability to tailor best-of-breed technology and solutions to your company's specific business needs and objectives. Our Analytic Strategy Consulting Services include:


Architectural/Implementation Consulting Services

With a culture of delivering business value every 90 days, our Architectural / Implementation Consulting Services include implementing new and appropriate platforms such as integrated data warehouses, big data discovery platforms and/or Hadoop data lakes. These services also include migrating from a 3rd party database or consolidating a set of data marts, leveraging big data consulting services, and employing Teradata Cloud solutions for data warehousing, big data analytics, and Hadoop. Our Architectural / Implementation Consulting Services include:

Product Support Services

Maximize availability and minimize risk for your entire analytical ecosystem with Teradata Support Services.

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