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Pricing for Teradata Managed Cloud (Germany)

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Pricing for Teradata Managed Cloud (Germany)

 1-Year Commitment Reservation Fee Monthly Price
Cloud Compute Unit (CCU)* $25,000 $6,375


 3-Year Commitment Reservation Fee Monthly Price
Cloud Compute Unit (CCU)* $30,000 $4,625


 Additional Features (Optional) Monthly Price
Teradata Temporal $330 per CCU
Teradata Data Mover $175 per CCU
TPT Stream and Tpump $265 per CCU
Teradata Data Lab $1,925 per system


 Network Features (Optional) Monthly Price per System
1Gbps Dedicated Network Port $780 per system
10Gbps Dedicated Network Port $3,450 per system
Additional site-to-site VPN $1,105 per system

*Cloud Compute Unit (CCU) pricing for Teradata Managed Cloud (Germany) includes platform, software, support, and daily backup. Reservation fees are a one-time assessment per commit period. Four (4) CCU minimum. All 1-year and 3-year pricing reflects annual payments in advance; quarterly in-advance payments are available for a 2% incremental fee. Pricing is in US dollars and subject to change.


Available Discounts

Where applicable, discounts are established for a contract at the beginning of a term and are held for the length of the committed term. No other discounts apply, including existing volume discounts for on-premises or other products/services. The Teradata Managed Cloud Discount Schedule is subject to change without notice.

 Teradata Cloud Discount* Schedule
Cloud Annual Volume $0-250K  $250K - $1M $1M - $2.5M $2.5M+
Cloud Discount 0.0% 2.5% 5.0% 7.5%

*Discounts are only applied to Reservation Fees and CCU Monthly Fees. Reservation Fees are divided over the committed period for calculation of tier. Discount tiers are based on annual volume attainments, not 3-year combined totals.


How is Teradata Managed Cloud (Germany) Priced?

Teradata Managed Cloud (Germany) is priced to be simple, flexible and transparent.

  • One, all-inclusive simple price for Teradata Database software, hardware, storage, daily operations, and monitoring.
  • You can commit to either a 1-year subscription or lock in a lower rate with a 3-year term to enjoy a much lower monthly charge.
  • No hidden fees for bandwidth, data transfer, storage, or support. Whether you use it 1% or 100%, Teradata Managed Cloud (Germany) pricing is flat rate per month and thus extremely predicable for budgeting purposes.



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