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Teradata Managed Cloud (Americas)

The World’s Most Powerful Data Warehouse in the Cloud

Learn about Teradata Managed Cloud: Overview, Benefits, Features, Tech Specs, Support and Resources.



Focus on Business Value, Not Infrastructure

Teradata Managed Cloud enables you to focus on business value rather than data warehouse infrastructure management. It is a secure, cloud-based service that includes:

  • Same Teradata Database software as in our on-premises systems
  • High-performance data warehouse platform
  • System monitoring and maintenance
  • Encryption and daily backups
  • 99.9% guaranteed service availability
  • Flexible subscription pricing
  • Secure, compliant environment audited by third party
  • Choice of infrastructure location: United States or Germany

Customers use Teradata Managed Cloud for:

  • Production Data Warehousing
  • Test & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sandboxes
  • Data Marts
  • Disaster Recovery


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Deploy in Days, Not Months

Start driving smart business decisions right away in a secure environment with award-winning Teradata software.

Subscription-based Pricing

Flat rate, subscription pricing provides predictable and manageable cost control aligned with your operational budget.

Bundled Infrastructure Management

Managed service includes prompt provisioning assistance, system monitoring, encryption, daily backups, and more.

Performance, Security, and Convenience

Enjoy dedicated bare-metal infrastructure, enterprise-class security, and available integrated ecosystem applications.

99.9% Service Level Agreement

We guarantee 99.9% infrastructure availability, empowering you to make commitments with confidence.


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Teradata Managed Cloud is a secure cloud-based service that includes data warehouse software and bundled infrastructure management with all of the following:

Secure Environment – implemented to ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAAX
Teradata Database latest release and includes Teradata ColumnarX
Ecosystem Software – Viewpoint, Teradata Tools and Utilities, and moreX
Platform Infrastructure – CCU(s), utility server, load server        X
Network Connectivity – up to 100 MbpsX
Onboarding Services – system provisioning and validationX
System Administration and Monitoring – Cloud Operations teamX
System Maintenance – patch management and software upgradesX
Encryption – both data in transit and data at rest on a CCUX
Daily Backups – with offsite replicationX
Cloud Service Portal – incident, change, and request creationX
Service Availability Guarantee – 24 x 7 x 365 with 99.9% availability SLAX


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Tech Specs


Bare-Metal Performance

The basic building block of Teradata Managed Cloud is called a Cloud Compute Unit (CCU). A CCU consists of bare-metal hardware, storage, database software, and system management utilities specifically engineered for cloud computing. The advantage of bare-metal resources is that there is no reduction in speed or performance due to the overhead of virtualization software. Each customer receives dedicated, private CCUs that are securely and physically segregated from other customers with absolutely no sharing.

Secure Connection

The default method for connecting to Teradata Managed Cloud is a site-to-site VPN (Virtual Private Network) from your data center. This access method uses IPsec communication to keep data transmissions secure and provides network access – through the Internet – with bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps. If a larger and dedicated network port is required, there are enhanced options for 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps direct connections.

Offsite Replication

By default, Teradata Managed Cloud customer data is backed up daily. Backups are retained for two days at the primary data center and are automatically replicated to a remote data center within the same country. Customers have the option to change the backup frequency to occur on a weekly or monthly basis and can also purchase encrypted backups.

Hybrid Row and Columnar

Teradata Columnar is included with each CCU. Teradata Columnar is a hybrid row and column database that fully integrates columnar and row-based tables, establishing new levels of flexibility, performance, and compression and strengthening your data warehouse and analytics capabilities.

Passive Systems

Teradata has set special, discounted pricing for Teradata Managed Cloud systems designated as “passive”. Passive System CCUs are for standby use – i.e., the system does not have active users and is accessed only if there is a production system outage. See the Cloud FAQ for more information.

QueryGrid (Optional)

Teradata Managed Cloud can be enhanced with QueryGrid, an optional feature that lets your business work with a seamless data fabric across all of your data and analytical engines. Users get the most value out of all their data by taking advantage of specialized processing resources operating as a cohesive analytic environment.

Temporal (Optional)

Teradata Managed Cloud offers temporal capability, an optional feature that enables the time dimension to be added to data management and query processing. Temporal lets the data warehouse track not just transactions over time, but also how data and the business evolve over time.

Data Lab (Optional)

Teradata Data Lab is an optional dedicated workspace (sandbox) within a production data warehouse where users have the freedom to explore, analyze new data, and test theories. Data labs enable self-service business intelligence and analytics by simplifying provisioning and automating the management of the analytic workspace so there is no risk to production data or to warehouse performance.




Complete hardware and software support is provided by the Teradata Cloud Operations team. This group also performs activities such as provisioning, onboarding, and software patching while continually monitoring and administering the CCU environment. The Teradata Cloud Operations team does not have visibility or access to customers’ data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Security is the most important consideration for Teradata Managed Cloud; read our press release on 3rd party audits for security and compliance.

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