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Large Selection of Teradata Software

Learn about Teradata software on Microsoft Azure: Overview, Products, Getting Started, Services, Use Cases, Support, and Resources


Products: Teradata Software on Microsoft Azure

The following Teradata software is available on the Azure Marketplace.

Teradata Database Enterprise

Includes Teradata Database with Teradata Columnar, Teradata Temporal, Row-Level Security, Secure Zones, and rights to use:

These tools are included with the Teradata Database VM or available as a free download.

Your subscription to Teradata Database Enterprise includes rights to use the following products, which are listed in the Azure Marketplace:


Related Teradata Products

Other software available for an additional price:



Key Features for Teradata Software on Microsoft Azure

There are a number of powerful capabilities included in Teradata’s software on Azure Marketplace.

  • MPP (multi-node) scalability up to 32 nodes
  • Automatic node failure recovery
  • Direct backup (and restore) to (and from) Blob Storage
  • Deployment automation via Azure Resource Manager templates

Find out more about these feature updates in the FAQ section of the Resources page or in the Getting Started Guide on the Getting Started page.


Pricing for Teradata Database on Azure

azure pricing


Teradata Database

Teradata Database is available on Azure Marketplace with both local and attached storage; it is the same full-feature data warehouse software that powers analytics at many of the world's greatest companies. Currently scalable to 32 nodes on Microsoft Azure, Teradata Database provides tremendous analytical ecosystem architecture flexibility, investment protection, and unlimited growth potential by running on multiple categories of the broad Teradata product family.

Teradata Database 15.10 is the newest release, bringing industry-leading features, fast JSON performance, and the world's most advanced hybrid row/column database.

Teradata Database Enterprise is the foundational VM for using Teradata Database on Azure.



Teradata Active System Management

Teradata Active System Management (TASM) gives customers the ability to analyze, define, regulate, monitor, and visualize Teradata performance, query, session, utility, and resource regulation as well as recommend service level goals.

Teradata Active System Management is a database feature included with Teradata Database Enterprise.



Teradata Data Lab

Teradata Data Lab is the extension of what many customers call an “analytic sandbox”. The Data Lab enables agility in business analytics through rapid self-service loading and analysis of new data combined with existing production warehouse data. A Teradata Data Lab lets you explore and examine new ideas by combining new data with existing data so that it is easy to identify new trends and insight or react to immediate business issues.

Teradata Data Lab is part of the optional paid VM called Teradata Viewpoint (Single Teradata System) with Teradata Data Lab.



Teradata Data Mover

Teradata Data Mover is a powerful data movement tool that intelligently chooses the fastest method to copy data and database objects between databases. It is a utility designed specifically to copy data and objects such as tables and statistics from one Teradata system to another. Data Mover can run from a command line, a Viewpoint portlet for point and click convenience, or automatically triggered by Teradata Ecosystem Manager as part of a larger workflow.

Teradata Data Mover is an optional paid VM available for use with Teradata Database Enterprise.



Teradata Data Stream Controller

Teradata Data Stream Controller provides data resilience for backup and restore operations to and from Blob Storage that can help you overcome data loss caused by user error, system hardware failure, application failure, and natural disasters, while also satisfying long-term storage requirements imposed by corporate and government regulations.

Teradata Data Stream Controller is a free software VM included with Teradata Database Enterprise.

Data Stream Controller


Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata Ecosystem Manager provides an end-to-end approach to meeting application service level agreements through monitoring, administration, and control of both single and multi-system environments to let you more effectively manage every part of your data warehouse environment. It provides workflow design and control as well as end-to-end job monitoring – applications, jobs, servers, tables, and system readiness.

Teradata Ecosystem Manager is a free software VM included with Teradata Database Enterprise.



Teradata Intelligent Memory

Teradata Intelligent Memory creates an extended memory space beyond cache that significantly increases query performance and enables organizations to leverage in-memory technologies with big, diverse data to deliver fast analytics on all data without changes to existing applications.

Teradata Intelligent Memory is a database feature included with Teradata Database Enterprise.



Teradata Presto

Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine designed for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes. Presto enables companies to leverage standard ANSI SQL to execute interactive queries against Hadoop data. With Presto, utilizing Teradata’s QueryGrid connector for Presto, customers can execute queries that originate in Teradata Database that join data within the data warehouse and Hadoop leveraging Presto.



Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata QueryGrid lets your business work with a seamless data fabric across all of your data and analytical engines for no-hassle analytics. You can get the most value out of all your data by taking advantage of specialized processing engines operating as a cohesive analytic environment. Teradata QueryGrid enables you to minimize data movement and process data where it resides and transparently automate analytic processing and data movement between systems.

Teradata QueryGrid is licensed separately for use with Teradata Database Enterprise; please contact Teradata Customer Support for details.



Teradata REST Services

The Teradata REST (Representational State Transfer) Services interface to the Teradata Database provides application developers a simplified, modern, common interface to connect to data from a web page or application. Teradata REST Services is a foundation for supporting Restful APIs into various Teradata products.

Teradata REST Services is a free software VM included with Teradata Database Enterprise.



Teradata Server Management

Teradata Server Management monitors the Teradata Database instance and generates alerts related to database and operating system errors and operational state changes. Events that affect the operation of the system generate alerts to the Teradata Customer Services organization.

Teradata Server Management is a free software VM included with Teradata Database Enterprise.



Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio provides a GUI for performing database administration, query development, and management tasks on Teradata Databases, Teradata Aster Databases, and Hadoop systems.

Teradata Studio is a free download available for use with Teradata Database Enterprise.



Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities including Teradata Parallel Transporter incorporate industry-standard interfaces to help integrate your Teradata system into your enterprise and streamline the data warehouse management tasks you perform every day – such as moving massive volumes of data and accessing multiple data sources in parallel – along with taking crucial steps toward improving your overall Teradata system performance. Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) is a flexible, high-performance data warehouse loading tool specifically optimized for Teradata Database which enables data extraction, transformation, and loading.

Teradata Tools and Utilities including Teradata Parallel Transporter is a free download available for use with Teradata Database Enterprise.



Teradata Viewpoint

Teradata Viewpoint is an advanced web-based management portal for the Teradata Database and supporting products. It provides administrators and end users with insights into their data warehouse environment(s), including performance and health management. It provides a consistent interface via configurable portlets which allows you to customize your own systems management dashboard.

Teradata Viewpoint (Single Teradata System) is a free software VM included with Teradata Database Enterprise. Optionally you may purchase Teradata Viewpoint (Multiple Systems) as a separate VM for managing up to 10 Teradata systems.

Multiple Viewpoint  Data Lab & Single Viewpoint

Getting Started

Microsoft Azure offers many powerful options. We provide intuitive instructions for launching and configuring Teradata software help you get going right away.


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