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Getting Started with Teradata on AWS

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Getting Started: Using Teradata Software on AWS

There are two paths you may follow for using Teradata software on AWS:

Do It Yourself

  • Subscribe and deploy on your own using our "Do It Yourself" instructions along with the Product Documentation below. Customers familiar with both Teradata software and the AWS operating environment can be up in about an hour.

Let Us Help You

  • Engage with Teradata Services for assistance in architecting and deploying Teradata software on AWS. Customers seeking our expertise will appreciate the benefits of this approach. Reach out to your Account Executive or Contact Us to start the discussion.


Do It Yourself

Following the steps below, Teradata ecosystems enable you to launch multiple Teradata software products simultaneously on AWS. Each Teradata ecosystem option links to the AWS CloudFormation console and enables you to use pre-configured templates hosted on Amazon S3 containing the information and configuration options needed to create a new Teradata environment on AWS.

Before using a Teradata ecosystem template you must first subscribe to the applicable Teradata software products that the template will launch and configure. The Teradata ecosystem you choose determines the storage type (local storage or EBS storage) and the database size per node for EBS storage. You can deploy instances for a 1- to 64-node Teradata Database system without the need for additional configuration after launch.

Prerequisite: The Identity and Access Management (IAM) user must have permissions for AWS CloudFormation, IAM roles, IAM profiles, and instance profiles. Also, check if AWS service limits need to be increased, particularly for EBS, EC2 instances, and VPC elastic IP address limits.

Step 1: Determine which Teradata ecosystem you want to deploy:

Step 2: For the Teradata ecosystem you’ve selected, subscribe to each software product within the grouping by clicking on the respective links and following the instruction on each respective AWS Marketplace product page.

Step 3: After subscribing to the required software products, return to this page and click below to launch the appropriate Teradata ecosystem within an existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The link will take you to the AWS CloudFormation console where you will be asked to enter your desired configuration parameters. After all configuration parameters are entered, the template will create and configure your Teradata ecosystem.

Teradata Database Enterprise

Test and Development

Minimum Production


Teradata Database Advanced

Test and Development

Minimum Production


Teradata Database Base

Test and Development

Minimum Production


Teradata Database Developer

Test and Development


Notes: You cannot launch a Teradata ecosystem directly from the AWS CloudFormation templates on the AWS Marketplace; they must be launched from this page. You cannot add or remove software products from a Teradata ecosystem. If the Teradata ecosystem does not include all the software products you want, you can launch instances for those products separately, which may require additional configuration after launch.


Product Documentation

In addition to the “Do It Yourself” instructions above, Teradata provides easy-to-follow documentation on how to launch, provision, and use our software on AWS.

Teradata Database on AWS

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