• Teradata Aster® Discovery Portfolio

    Pre-built functions for powerful big data applications that provide breakthrough insights

    Easily discover high impact business insights to inform data-driven decisions for a wide range of business applications.

  • Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio is raising the bar for big data analytics by accelerating the discovery of business insights from all data. It’s a great way to quickly spot new opportunities, minimize risks, and reduce costs. This revolutionary portfolio lets you easily perform multiple analytics on all data to deliver powerful insights by as simply as writing a single SQL statement. The whole analytics process is highly iterative and only takes minutes versus weeks to months in other solutions.

    Ready-to-use functional applications take advantage of a broad range of analytical techniques (Graph Analysis, Path and Pattern Analysis, Predictive Statistical Analysis, Text Analysis, SQL Analysis, etc.) in the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform to uncover actionable insights in these vital areas and more:

    • Customer Churn
    • Social network/influencer analysis
    • Path to purchase
    • Fraud detection
    • Personalized Recommendations
    • Cross-Channel Marketing Attribution
    • Manufacturing analytics

    Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio includes four modules of pre-built Graph, SQL-MapReduce and SQL functions for each step of the discovery process: Teradata Aster Data Acquisition Module, Teradata Aster Data Preparation Module, Teradata Aster Analytics Module, and Teradata Aster Visualization Module. These integrated out-of-the-box modules shorten the analytics process from weeks to mere minutes by streamlining preparation, analytics, and visualization.

    Discovery Portfolio is part of Teradata Aster Discovery Platform that also includes Teradata Aster Database.

    Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio, Platform & Database

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    • Data Acquisition Module
      Includes functions that enable access to multi-structured data stored in Apache® Hadoop®, Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse, and other RDBMS systems.

    • Data Preparation Module
      Ready-to-use data adaptors and transformers that enable interpretation and preparation of data such as Weblogs, XML, emails, and machine logs for analyses.

    • Analytics Module
      Vast array of ready-to-use functions for path and pattern analysis, graph analysis, predictive statistical analysis, text analysis, and SQL analysis in addition to custom SQL, SQL-MapReduce, and Graph analytic functions.

    • Visualization Module
      Visual SQL-MapReduce® Functions that are massively parallel, in-process and out- of-the-box functions providing novel visualizations to make it faster and easier to discover new insights from big data. They complement existing business intelligence and visualization tools by providing purpose-built visualization capabilities best suited to represent the in-depth insights offered by Teradata’s patented SQL-MapReduce framework.
    Big Data Analytics & Insights | Teradata Aster Discovery

    (Click to enlarge) Easily understand relationships and behaviors by visualizing discrete entities and interactions as hierarchies.


    • Fastest path to business value from raw big data
    • Novel, high value business insights driving growth and profitability
    • Leverage existing skills and investments
    • Minimal time, cost and effort spent

    “With the help of its Unified Data Architecture (UDA) and SNAP framework, Teradata can coordinate query processing between SQL, SQL-MR, and SQL-GR, and multiple data stores, such as row, column, and file store. At this point, no other analytics platform provider offers the same capability to manage queries across SQL and Hadoop/NoSQL engines."

    Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Analytic Database 2013–14, by Surya Mukherjee and Madan Sheina, released January 14, 2014  


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