The future of global competition is data-driven decision making. As more and more organizations depend on analytics for competitive advantage, those using Teradata applications will find themselves at the top of their game.

Our best-in-class applications help you mobilize all of your business intelligence (BI) to improve decision making at every level by pushing detailed and historical data and advanced analytics to front-line decision makers.

We constantly strive to bring you better analytical tools that incorporate more data and extend to more users. And because no competitive innovation remains unique for long, our business intelligence applications and solutions are continuously evolving to better equip you with real-time operational BI at true enterprise scale.


Teradata Integrated Marketing Management
Streamline marketing processes and optimize customer relationships across all channels.

Teradata Customer Data Integration
Accurate customer views across multiple channels, business lines and organizations.

Teradata Value Analyzer
Improve profitability analytics with a behavioral-based, enterprise-wide view of value.

Teradata Warehouse Miner
Identify meaningful new data patterns and trends faster without data movement.

SAS® and Teradata Data Quality Advantage Program
Today’s business world moves faster than ever. To keep pace, you need the ability to make smart, swift decisions – but that’s impossible if the data behind those decisions is outdated, unreliable or inaccurate.

Teradata Airline Decisions
Make critical decisions on when to open or close flights to avoid overbooking.

Teradata Geospatial
Advanced in-database analysis technology plus Teradata’s parallel architecture.

Teradata Product Information Management
Smooth flow of information for greater flexibility, configurability and customizability.

Teradata Integrated Channel Intelligence
Integrate customer web behavior with historical data for better decision-making.

Teradata Demand Chain Management
Teradata Demand Chain Management is business intelligence software that helps retailers increase sales and decrease inventory with advanced forecasting.

Teradata Transportation Decisions
Analytic tools to measure profitability, and fight customer churn and rising fuel costs.

Teradata Retail Decisions
Built on key analytic templates for hundreds of metrics from proven best practices.

Teradata Tax Compliance Solutions
Identify non-compliant taxpayers, collect revenue and provide customer service.

Teradata Active Data Warehouse Private Cloud
Teradata’s Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform; with virtualized resources, scalability, consistent performance, elasticity and self-service business intelligence.

Teradata Decision Experts
Quickly transform ERP data into information that guides critical decisions.