• Teradata Appliance for Hadoop

    Flexible Configurations with Hortonworks or Cloudera

    A powerful, ready-to-run enterprise platform preconfigured and optimized specifically to run enterprise class big data workloads with unique Teradata software to make Hadoop easier to manage.

  • Meeting your business needs

    Minimize risk with proven technology, services, and support

    The Teradata Appliance for Hadoop is the easiest and fastest way to implement Hadoop in your enterprise data architecture. Optimized hardware, flexible configurations, high-speed connectors, enhanced software usability features, proactive systems monitoring, intuitive management portals, continuous availability, and linear scalability and Teradata's world-class service and support are combined in one integrated package. Unlock new data sources with enterprise-class Hadoop.

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    Enterprise-ready Hadoop platform for big data

    Teradata Appliance for Hadoop features an optimized version of either Hortonworks HDP or Cloudera CDH on proven Teradata hardware and a comprehensive set of Teradata-developed software components to make Hadoop technology ready for the enterprise. Teradata Appliance for Hadoop is easy to manage without requiring specialized software or hardware skills in your enterprise architecture. Existing Teradata customers will find the management consoles like Teradata Viewpoint and capabilities familiar and complementary to their existing database, data warehouse, and discovery platform deployments.

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    Optimized Total Cost of Ownership

    The Teradata appliance for hadoop, unlike DIY deployments, eliminates the operational overhead costs of installing the OS, setting up network and disk, configuring and tuning the hadoop software, data integration costs with existing systems. Ongoing costs like system administration, outages costs during system downtimes, multiple vendor support costs across the stack are either completely eliminated or significantly diminished as the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop is a pre-integrated, tuned, ready-to-go solution that leads to faster time to value.

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    Flexible Configurations

    Multiple system configurations are available on Teradata Appliance for Hadoop to suit your performance, capacity, and workload requirements.

    • Performance configuration is optimized for computation; with a faster CPU, more number of CPU cores, higher memory for I/O intensive workloads, and is ideally suited for streaming applications running Spark, Storm, and SQL-on-Hadoop tools such as Presto and Impala. Performance data nodes are configured with dual 12-core processors, 24 - 1.2TB drives, and from 256 to 512GB of memory. 
    • Capacity configuration is optimized for long term storage and online archival to achieve the lowest cost per TB. It utilizes high capacity disks, fewer cores, and less memory, and is ideally suited for storing colder data and processing long- running ETL and analytics jobs. Capacity data nodes are configured with dual 8-core processors, 12 - 4TB drives, and from 128 to 256GB of memory. 
    • Balanced configuration strikes a compromise between Performance and Capacity. It provides cost savings with high capacity drives and is well-suited for ETL and analytics that are more CPU intensive with less demanding I/O requirements. Balanced nodes are configured with dual 12-core processors, 12 - 4TB drives, and from 256 to 512 GB of memory. 

    Faster Access to Open Source Innovation

    A streamlined deployment model on the appliance to install and upgrade Hadoop software allows customers to benefit from the stability of an engineered appliance from Teradata while having access to latest Hadoop software innovations from Hortonworks and Cloudera. Customers can now have the software installed, configured, and ready-to-go on the appliance within 30 days of becoming generally available from Hortonworks and Cloudera.

    Enterprise data access

    On-the-fly querying of data in Hadoop is made simple and secure with Teradata QueryGrid ( formerly known as SQL-H™ and Aster SQL-H™). High Sspeed bi-directional connectors such as Teradata Studio with smart loader for Hadoop quickly move data over a 40Gb/s InfiniBand network among Teradata, Teradata Aster, and Hadoop

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    Proactive Management for High Availability & Reliability

    The Teradata Appliance for Hadoop delivers high availability through a software-redundant design, dual-band infiniband network over BYNET V5 and Teradata advanced Server Management features proactively monitor the system with diagnostic tools to quickly detect and address any issues to maximize availability.

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    Comprehensive Teradata Support and Services

    Teradata's world-class support services for Teradata Appliance for Hadoop eliminates the complexities and headaches that come with dealing with multiple vendors across the hardware/software stack for support issues. With Teradata’s offering, the customer will have a single vendor for all of support issues across the stack. In addition, Teradata offers a wide variety of customizable consulting and implementation services to help you realize the full benefits of Hadoop within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture.

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    Powerful Processing for High Performance

    Flexible appliance configurations with dual Twelve-core Intel Xeon® processors @ 2.5GHz or dual eight-core Intel Xeon processors @ 2.6GHz with configurable memory options from 128-512Gb. Optimized version of hadoop software from Hortonworks and Cloudera, SUSE Linux 11, connectors for high-speed data transfer, and a 40Gb/s InfiniBand BYNET V5 network all combine to give you the fastest time to data access.

    Petabytes of Big Data Capacity

    Teradata Appliance for Hadoop is linearly scalable to petabytes of data to meet your big data storage requirements. Each node is equipped with 4TB capacity HDD drives for your data storage needs.

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