• Teradata Aster AppCenter

    Putting big data discovery and analytics into the hands of business users

    Framework to build, share, deploy and consume big data apps for self-service analytics and discovery for the business community

    AppCenter Datasheet
  • Teradata Aster AppCenter

    Self-service analytics and discovery for business community

    No need for SQL expertise to run big data analytics. The power of Teradata Aster Discovery Platform is now open to business users who can easily navigate through an industry focused app to discover insights hidden in big data.

    Bridge the skills gap

    Big data apps are targeted to solve specific business challenges in industries like consumer financial, entertainment and gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, communications and cable, travel and hospitality.

    Ease of Implementation

    Fastest Time-to-Value and lowest TCO with pre-built templates – Teradata PS best practices, program logic, schema, visualization and interface captured in templates to accelerate implementation.

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    Common Language

    Applications are written in SQL and Java with access to more than 100 prebuilt algorithms for big data analysis.

    Scalable Apps

    Apps run on an MPP system delivering massively scalable and highly parallel processing. Big data? No problem.

    Security, Auditing and Access Controls

    AppCenter leverages application services ot manage access and data security. IT can fully control sensitive data and user access to protect their most valued assets.

    Central Analytic Repository

    A single location to store and manage your SQL, MapReduce and Graph analytical apps.

    Easy Access

    The web-based interface allows users to access apps via web browser from a range of devices including tablets.

    AppCenter Datasheet

    Web-based Portal for easy access

    AppCenter provides a web-based portal that allows data scientist and business analyst to build, share and deploy apps. Business users can easily access, parameterize and run apps, then visualize and share results.

    App Services

    AppCenter provides services and software development kits (SDK) to simplfy application development, management, and execution.

    Tool Integration

    AppCenter provides users with the flexiblity to integrated open source visualizations to complement visualizations available as a service. BI and Visualization vendors can also leverage the power of the Teradata Aster Discovery platform through integrations with AppCenter.