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Advanced Analytics for Everyone

Seamless Analytics, Any Use Case: Teradata Aster Analytics

Learn about Teradata Aster Analytics: Overview, Benefits, Success Stories, Deployment Options, Demos, Support and Features.

Now business analysts and data scientists alike can execute a wide variety of multi-genre analytics techniques such as:

  • Customers Journey to conversion (Path Analytics)
  • Customers sentiment analysis (Text Analytics)
  • Influencer analysis (Graph)
  • Parts failure prediction (Machine Learning)
  • Sensor and Machine data analytics (IoT)


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Benefits of Aster Analytics

  • Ingest, prep, and analyze data within a single interface, at speed and scale
  • Create data visualizations and operationalize insights,
  • Easy-to-use and understand analytics to support a data-driven culture throughout your business
  • Discover previously untouched or unknown markets, identify new products ideas, discover new customer segments and identify methods to outsmart the competition
  • Integrate big data analytics from a single solution for the most efficient use of IT manpower

Multi-Genre Analytics from One SQL Query

Business Analysts and Data Scientists can uncover insights from all of your organization's data utilizing just one SQL query. Leverage our 100+ pre-built advanced analytics queries.


Optimized Performance and Ease of Use

Aster Analytics optimized performance, our unique Teradata Aster Seamless Network Analytics Processing (SNAP) Framework™ allows Graph, R and MapReduce engines to operate seamlessly.


Lifting the Limitations of R

Give your R analyst, business analysts and data scientists an R interface to Aster Analytics.


Easy-to-use Interface

Aster Analytics enables self-service big data and advanced analytics as well as the ability for technical and non-technical users to discover business and customer insights.



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Success Stories


Data-driven strategy for business insights

NCR Case Study

Create new revenue streams, increase loyalty

O2 Case Study

Data and analytics for soulful customer connection

Overstock Case Study
Royal Bank of Canada

A single and complete view of every customer

RBC Case Study

Fast, reliable and efficient transportation via analytics.

Siemens Case Study

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6 Flexible Deployment Options



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How to Prevent Customer Churn in Financial Services

See how financial institutions do path and pattern analysis, combined with statistical predictive analysis, to identify common customer behaviors and proactively detect customers at risk of churn.

Grow Loyalty of Influential Customers

See how you can identify your influential customers and grow their loyalty with speed and minimal effort using the Teradata Aster Analytics.